Worthy of HBO works,  along the “Game of Thrones” style big play opening

The third episode I actually saved to my computer hard drive long ago, but these days were delayed by “Sense8”, after all, “Sense8” is a divine drama, and looks more addictive than “House of the Dragon”, which is a fierce drama that can be watched in one breath after two seasons + theatrical version.

House of the Dragon” is a weekly episode that always makes people wait. But since it came out, also to see, and I specifically went to Douban to see, the rating remains at a relatively high level, after three episodes of 8.7, or a relatively high score for the American drama.

Here also give you a suggestion, if you have time to brush the old drama, that is less than 8 points of the American drama do not look, purely a waste of time.

Just look at the “House of the Dragon” episode three, I also could not help but to check out the late story development of the play, the life of Renila, and finally regret it, honestly, watching the play for fear of spoilers, themselves to the pit.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

The other day a friend and I said that Renella later married her uncle, which in our opinion is completely bizarre to the extreme. But think about those stories in “Game of Thrones”, the Targaryen family is like the family internal union, in the outsiders seem contrary to human decency, but people feel rightful so.
So watching the “House of the Dragon” does not consider our values or the show can not continue to watch. At the beginning of the third episode, the old king’s son celebrates his birthday, and the old king leads his ministers on a hunt.


And Princess Renila is more resistant, although this little prince is also his own brother, but with his own biological mother born that brother is not a feeling at all. The little prince’s mother was her best friend before, and now she has become the queen, nominally her stepmother.

So Renella has not been any good feelings toward this queen, especially after the birth of this prince, the rumors within the seven countries, say that the king will definitely abandon the honor of the princess heir and establish the prince as the heir instead.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

Hearing such gossip, plus seeing her father so dear to this son, Renila’s heart can be comfortable? So her haughty character, time and again, and her own father against.

This hunt she was not willing to participate in at all until the king gave the order to follow along. Here the old handsome man of the Lannister family came over to harass again, saying that he wanted to take Renila as his wife.


This can be Renila’s anger, the past and their own father argued, saying that they are the father’s bargaining chip. In fact, the old king was not selling his daughter out at all, nor did he have the idea of depriving his daughter of her heir.

But in the face of a world full of gossip, whose heart can not change? After arguing with her father, Renella left in anger, but fortunately, her own personal guard followed closely, the handsome royal guard in the original and the princess had some personal feelings.

And the next Lannister family, that Jack, touched a soft nail in front of the king, he gave the king’s son a spear, hoping that the king can kill a deer with this spear in the next hunt.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon


At the same time, Jack also expressed the hope of marrying Renila, thus helping the old king to share his worries and not let the princess lose excessively.

The king said why the princess should be lost.
Jack said that when the king abolished the identity of the princess’s heir, the princess will certainly be lost.

For this reason, the king rebuked Jack, it is nonsense, I let the princess as the heir is not a whim, but deep thought.

Thus, it seems that the king may really want to let Renila as the heir, become the first mistress of the Iron Throne. But then things developed, I guess the old king will not think, he has a son, the son will also have supporters, even if the prince has no idea to become king, these supporters will help him to take the throne.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon

The trouble started with these little things.
Well, the next episode will definitely be more exciting, although the general idea of the direction of the plot development, but does not prevent this is a good American drama, completely unlike the feeling brought by the Game of Thrones at the time.


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