In addition to the large-scale “Sense8”, what other works does DJ beauty Tarponce Middleton have?

To be honest, recently some trapped in the “Sense8”, completely can not get away from watching other film and television works, pressed in the hands of a few good movies, and want to see the old drama also have several.

But this “Sense8” is really good, no matter the sense of pace or suspense can be comparable to the top American drama. But I can’t keep watching just one show, which goes against my original idea of using American drama writing as a breakthrough.


Tarponce Middleton

Tarponce Middleton

The most impressive thing about this “Sense8” is definitely the Korean woman Bae Doona, whose film and television works I have seen several times before, and her role in “Sense8” is not small. But today I don’t want to recommend Bae’s work yet, because DJ beauty’s character, Tarponce Middleton, is the girl who gets the most attention.

Many people say that Tappence Middleton is the most beautiful girl in the drama, and I think so. For this reason, I would like to recommend a few movies and TV shows starring Tuppence Middleton, so don’t miss them if you like.

1  Our House

This is a typical British suspense drama, the British beauty Tappence Middleton starring as the heroine, about the heroine, came home and found her home completely changed. Everything in her own house is gone, and strangers have moved into her house.

And the heroine has no intention of selling her house, and what’s more, her husband is nowhere to be found, which happened so suddenly that the heroine is at a loss.

Faced with this situation, the heroine begins to look at her life and realizes that what is happening now is just the tip of the iceberg of all the lies and deceptions, and that her husband is not the only one who has cheated on her.

2 Possessor

Sean Bean starred in a suspenseful film in which Tuppence Middleton starred in a supporting female role with a small part, and there were many beautiful women in this film, all of them big names.

It is a great help to the growth of Tarponce Middleton to work with so many first-rate actresses.


3  Clifton Hill

Tarponce Middleton starred in a thriller and suspense film, the movie tells the story of a young girl starring Tarponce Middleton who returns to her hometown after the death of her mother, where she is suddenly plunged into a memory.

The memory turns out to be related to a kidnapping case, which she says she witnessed.


4 Spooks: The Greater Good

This is the film version of the famous British drama “Spooks”, “Game of Thrones” in which Jon Snow’s character Kit Harrington plays the first male role, and our protagonist today, Tuppence Middleton, plays the second female role in the film, also has a wonderful performance.

Tarponce Middleton

Tarponce Middleton

5  Trance

Douban score 6.9, this is also not the work of Tappence Middleton, after all, the beautiful girl is not so well-known, in the “Sense8” before starring in not many works, this film is also a suspense thriller, this story revolves around a famous painting.

One side is a theft gang, one side is the defense, who can laugh at the end?

Well, just briefly recommend these works, the best is of course “Sense8 “, the rest is the general situation.

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