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The Bad Guys (2022)  0

The Bad Guys Review: A rebellion from stereotypes

First of all, when we discuss this movie, we should realize that this animated work is facing an all-age audience, so the logic of the movie will take care of children’s viewing experience, and...


The Survivor Review: A Passive Life

The tragic history of Auschwitz has always been extremely sensitive and widely debated, and there is certainly no shortage of works to render it, but boxing as an entry point will make people shine.


Hustle Review: Very real sports film

After watching it a felt very real. The first is the cast.  The producer is LeBron and partner Maverick Carter, has a lot of contacts, and invited a lot of coaches players trainers, and...


I like the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once

The movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was finally available as a download resource recently, and the enthusiasm of the audience was quickly released within a few days, but the result was not ideal....