Love is the only solution to all things

Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews: Love is the only solution to all things

In a nutshell: probably the best movie I’ve seen in the last three years. It was the first time I saw an audience applauding in a commercial theater in North America.

The movie is divided into 3 parts, namely Everything, Everywhere, and At Once.

Part 1: Everything 

When I saw the beginning, I was thinking that it was my favorite and most familiar immigrant literature genre movie, a Hong Kong immigrant family who makes a living by opening a laundry, a mother Evelyn who has a very bad service attitude but does things very well, the mantra is, “No, no, No Good”, “aya, you are getting fat”, A very good-tempered and accommodating father, an adolescent LGBT daughter and a very stubborn, traditional and critical father-in-law. The rhythm of such a family dealing with IRS audit materials, a divorce petition that the husband didn’t hand out, and a Chinese New Year party at the laundromat are just busy busy busy, with no time to catch your breath or pause.

But when Michelle Yeoh’s family went to the IRS to file their taxes, the concept of multi-universe came up. I sat in the audience and thought, “Huh, that’s interesting. Then as the multiverse is opened up, Michelle Yeoh’s mother Evelyn goes back and forth to different parallel worlds and different storylines begin to unfold.

The funniest part was when Michelle Yeoh’s mother Evelyn became an Oscar-winning movie star in the parallel universe, and she said to her husband, her old love, “You don’t know how successful I am if I didn’t marry you”, the whole cinema laughed, especially the couple in front of her. The whole cinema laughed, especially the couple in front of them.

More and more chaos was introduced into the movie, and there was a feeling of fireworks exploding in front of the eyes, and the wormhole of the universe opening. At the end of a part, when the word ending was typed on the screen, it gave people the illusion that the movie was over.

Part 2: Everywhere & Part 3: At once

The movie came to the second part, and slowly began to feel the main storyline, the reason for the multiverse chaos is Evelyn’s daughter, her daughter Joy has been very unhappy, so the other multiverse felt Joy’s unhappiness, and began to chaos, wanting to destroy the entire multiverse. And Evelyn is going to need to end this chaos.

The beginning of the chaos is the daughter Joy, and the other end is Evelyn’s father, the father-in-law (who evolved into alpha gong in a parallel universe). The mother Evelyn, played by Michelle Yeoh, is in such a confusion, on the one hand, she wants to be a good daughter to her father, and on the other hand, she does not want to lose her daughter. So in this part, she swings while continuing to fight monsters with other parallel worlds of evolved people.

A very funny place: when the doppelganger of the multiverse wants to unlock other parallel worlds of themselves to get super energy, it needs to do very many weird and humiliating things. So that’s where the film’s most intense laughs come in. These laughs make me feel very déjà vu, is the kind of Hong Kong Stephen Chow’s film nonsense.

In Evelyn’s constantly exhausted energy to fight monsters, her husband told her that love is the only solution, do not attack to fight monsters, but to love them, so in Evelyn’s constantly giving love process, the parallel world of monsters humans are slowly disintegrated.

This is where the movie hit me the most Evelyn chose to accept the chaos after the collapse, every year like a circle, like a washing machine spinner, like Tim Horton sold $1.39 Everything bagel, filing taxes every year, working busy, and adolescent daughter, and want to divorce husband, and never satisfied with the father, no time to breathe, and And I can’t be the person I want to be.

“You are capable because everything is so bad and you are so bad at everything.”

You are so bad, I am so bad, we are both so bad that everything couldn’t be worse. But we both understand.

When Evelyn was herself, she chose to let go of all the chaos and let go, but there was a wonderful touch. See, she is finally being herself and has reached the most beautiful reconciliation an East Asian family can imagine.

Evelyn is too busy and too tired to prove herself and forgets to love herself and to love others. Love is the only solution, and to learn to accept the chaos. Love yourself, love others, love all people.

Thinking about those moments of traveling back and forth to multiple parallel worlds, and Evelyn’s husband speaking his understanding of love, it still feels very romantic. There is a small touch of being human. Even if we travel back to the prehistoric world, there is no human civilization, we are both two stones, I still want to be with you.

Wow, love is the only solution.

April 2, 2022, at Scotiabank theater in Vancouver.

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