On Existence and Meaning

Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews: On Existence and Meaning

This film is extremely entertaining but has an extremely hardcore existentialist core, it is far from a simple hipster movie.

When we define something, we usually start with its essences, such as an apple (food) or a ruler (measuring tool). This definition of the essence first does not apply to human beings, which leads us to explore the meaning of human existence. Sartre’s philosophy of existentialism tells us that existence should come before essence, and this is particularly important for the definition of man. After being divorced from religious theology, pure human beings are made meaningful by existence, experience, and experience, and thus every choice we make is defining the meaning of our lives. Those cloudy days when we choose which college to go to, where to study, who to meet, and who to be with for life, each choice defines the trajectory of our lives and the meaning of our lives.

This freedom of choice is of our own free will, but it is not boundless. Every encounter in our lives has a ripple effect on the lives of others. When two people meet, I am his object and he is my object, and out of the “selfish” nature of human nature of free will, we have many irreconcilable conflicts in the relationship between subject and object, which is almost inevitable and the source of all suffering. The mixed emotions of love and hate in our family of origin, the way we define ourselves from the evaluation of others, the shackles of action imposed on us by social morality and law… We have too many complex relationships with others, with society, and with the world, which generate constant troubles. All of these are the constraints of our existence, an inevitable destiny. When we understand everything, we feel the emptiness of life, we become meaningful because we are free, but also become unfree because we are free, so where is the meaning of existence, since I have no meaning, why don’t I be a stone, just lying quietly where I am, without human relationships, without ties, and finally free. This is the essence of pain and nothingness felt by the daughter in the movie.

How to dissolve this somewhat pessimistic idea, perhaps also need to borrow an ancient mysterious Eastern power. Zen Buddhism is the ultimate solution to the crisis of existentialism.

It is first and foremost about our reconciliation with the world. The way we see things determines to some extent how the world relates to us, which is a materialistic formulation. The meaning of our existence is inherently defined by our experiences and experiences. Experience is a very subjective thing, and therefore the relationship between the world and you are determined by your thoughts and actions. Keeping a good mind, a bullet can become a google eye, and when we try to change others and the world, we should first change our minds.

Jyoti Jyoti, Polo Jyoti, Polo Monk Jyoti, Bodhisattva Sabha. This is the final line of the Kama Sutra. Go experience it, go feel it, go to the other side, and become enlightened and liberated. It does not seek complete reconciliation, but self-reconciliation and enlightenment with self. The mother in the movie sees the end of the universe of time: nothingness, but unlike her daughter, she sees everything and feels the emptiness of life, but in the end, she also realizes that life requires embracing everything with a generous attitude. She saw the failure of life and also saw all the bad things in life, but she did not decide to change it all, nor decided to completely fall, but to accept all the good and bad with a tolerant heart, this is the Buddha nature, with a compassionate heart overlooking all beings, so in the end, to a certain extent she is becoming a Buddha, haha.

I hope that there is not a complete reconciliation at the end, for me now this perfect ending will slightly fall into place. In a philosophical sense, reconciliation is complete when you become enlightened and when the self is reconciled to the self. I would have been more moved by such an ending. But if you just let go, not do a complete reconciliation for the integrity of the play will have an impact on the general audience may not be able to produce psychological resonance, and will feel that there is no last punch, after watching a part of the heart is vacant, so I can understand such a way of handling.

In any case, this film is indeed a masterpiece, a mix of Eastern and Western philosophies in which, of course, there is more to explore. I hope that after watching it you will have a lot to think about and help you look at life and your family and friends.

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