The perfect relationship between a man and a woman

Movie When Harry Met Sally Reviews: The perfect relationship between a man and a woman

There is probably no such thing as a perfect relationship between a man and a woman in the world. Because there is no perfection in the world, we just try to do better and make things more perfect.

A friend also likes Meg Ryan’s movies but prefers the other You’ve Got a Mail, saying that the atmosphere in that one is prettier. I don’t like petty, I like Cosmos.

What is the relationship between a man and a woman like? How is love? What is married life like? The stories of those couples interspersed in the movie are unique and appropriate. The most difficult to forget is a couple, the man is a playboy and has had numerous women. So one day, they divorced. After more than twenty years apart, they reunited at a funeral, only to have their marriage come to life again. The man barely remembered the names of his girlfriends, but it was the woman who meticulously retold the names of those who had become history. It’s ironic.

The young Harry and Sally are not destined to be together and are equally immature and exuberant. The woman is beautiful, the man’s personality, not to say three words and then argue. So they had an experience, and each had a heartfelt feeling. The two of them were both physically and mentally exhausted when they reunited after many years so they had the conditions to be friends. So the relationship is close, unknowingly get together. This is probably the order of all love, at first antagonistic, then become friends, and finally love each other.

The classic dialogue about men and women in the movie is great, about feelings, about sex. Two people crossed the line and sat under the covers with their bladders exposed, each with their thoughts. The woman wants a reply from him, but the man is only thinking about how to go back to his house and sleep after a 50-second hug. Typical of modern people suffering from symptoms of loss and gain, people are afraid to get too close to each other, once the relationship between each other breaks down, bringing about the apocalyptic hurt.

I also like the part where they each call their close friends and the part where they each watch TV and talk on the phone, like Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in a restaurant, and like the hero divorcing to watch a football game and talk to his friends. What I like most is the ending, not the prince and princess live happily ever after together, but the man and woman find their most compatible partner. This is the perfect relationship, happiness is not loving, is like a foot put into the most comfortable shoes, easy on the road ahead.

It is hard to believe that she has been popular for so long with her single performance. I can only say that this image is too attractive, their countrymen like, we foreigners also like.

I like this movie, some of my favorites can’t be described in words, just like I like some people, but I can never confess my love to them.

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