Moonfall Review: Feels a little funny

It has been a long time since a visual blockbuster has been released in cinemas, so the arrival of “Moonfall” was particularly eye-catching, and coupled with the science fiction theme that is prone to masterpieces, it made people look forward to it.

However, when the film officially came to the audience, can watch a hilarious but not enough outstanding evaluation, so this investment of a $ 150 million blockbuster, look a little embarrassing.

This article has spoilers.


In the silence of space, astronauts Brian, and Marcus are performing routine maintenance work, navigator Joe in the spacecraft to provide technical support for the two.

For the astronauts, this is already part of their daily life.

Suddenly, an unidentified black substance bursts out from the moon, disrupting Brian and Marcus’ rhythm and putting the three men in a crisis together.

To Brian’s deep guilt, he did not succeed in saving Marcus and eventually had to return to Earth with Joe, who was knocked unconscious.

However, NASA did not believe his claims of “black matter” and instead ended Brian’s career as an astronaut because a violation of operating procedures had caused the accident.

Years later, Brian and Joe were in very different situations. Brian had lost his job and family because of the accident, while Joe was in a prominent position at NASA.

On this day, a fat man named KC finds a depressed and unmotivated Brian and tells him that the moon’s trajectory has changed and will therefore hit the Earth.

On the other hand, NASA headquarters also began to find problems with the data but was ordered to block the news so as not to cause unnecessary panic.

But at this time, KC has already transformed into a mystery man on the Internet, preempting the data and making it public, and a worldwide pandemonium instantly spreads.

At this moment, Brian just received a phone call from his ex-wife, and was told that his son Sonny was in court because of the car racing, is worried about this matter Brian did not care to confirm the “fall of the moon” assertion is right or wrong, and due to tidal changes will occur in the tsunami has been approaching.

In the face of the current disaster, the NASA director ran away in the middle of the day, and Joe, who was determined to keep his post, became the chief.

She got the authority of the first thing, is to find the flight records of the year, found that there was indeed a black material interference with the ship, and these are all hidden by the state, the moon now the unusual movement is most likely related to the black material.

Just sent to the moon was swallowed by the black matter of a ship also proved that the energy of the unknown material has exceeded the scope of human knowledge.

In the nick of time, Jo thought of Brian, and she finally convinced him to go to the moon to blow up the black matter on the condition of helping Sonny get off the hook.

Because Brian is the only good astronaut who can control the craft in silence.

However, the tsunami brought by the tidal movement threatens the launch base all the time, and one of the thrusters is damaged making it impossible to risk completing the flight, Joe has to evacuate the whole crew and prepare to wait for death with everyone else.

Fortunately, KC found that the moon’s gravity provided a booster value, so he was used as a surveyor with Brian and Joe as they ran into the challenge of unexplained substances on the moon journey ……


In contrast to the drama of the three-person adventure team venturing to the moon, various family lines are laid out on Earth.

Because of Brian’s “mistake” back then, Sonny had to come to a new family with his mother, and his character was good, and he was taken away by the police at the beginning.

But when he was fished out by Joe by all means, because of his bold, good car skills, become a key force to save the family, and Sonny also witnessed his father choose to risk for the Earth at the moment, suddenly grew up.

Likewise, Joe, who gave up his honeymoon that year to also go on a mission, divorced in a few years and lived with his son and a Chinese border.

The young son did not understand what sacrifice and dedication were, but he always firmly believed that his mother could successfully save the Earth.

In addition, KC, a fat man who has always been underappreciated, is supporting his mother who has Alzheimer’s. Despite his current situation, he has always been the lucky one to be taken care of by his parents.

So, when he was given a chance to prove himself, he also made the heroic choice without hesitation.

One line per protagonist, which means the director had to include the emotional strands of three families in a two-hour volume, which is certainly a big undertaking.

The solution offered by “Moon Fall” is to bring together these families left behind on Earth for various reasons, thus allowing the dual lines of lunar conquest and Earth escape to run in parallel, allowing crisis and warmth to interact at the same time.

The idea is really good, but there is a rhythm problem in the process of landing.

Every time the moon rescue line takes a huge turn, the narrative comes to a screeching halt, inserting life and death parting from the Earth escape line.

Because of this, the camera also always jumps back and forth between the grand scenes of big production and the emotional entanglements of a small team and frequently gets stuck on certain clichéd tearjerkers that refuse to move.

Sensationalism is certainly a way to earn tears, but breaking the rhythm of the narrative to force the audience to tears, will only backfire so that the audience feels the whole film is “wet”, invariably the work should be full of horsepower to reduce the speed.


As an American, British, and Chinese co-production, “Moonfall” adds certain Chinese elements, Chinese language, and Chinese actors, but the overall creative thinking is still centered on the director Roland Emmerich and the screenwriters Harold Clouse and Spencer Cohen.

As the leader of the disaster film genre, Roland Emmerich has won fans’ love with his works such as “Independence Day”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012”. Even though the critics’ reviews have not been high, he still impresses with his simple and clear story, and the films have all done well at the box office.

However, “Moonfall” did not perform well in its first week of release in North America, and this red flag was also foreshadowed from “Independence Day 2”, which was filled with too much sensationalism and self-repetition, especially in the first half of the lengthy character descriptions and background introductions, all challenging the audience’s patience.

What reduces the good feeling is that this work with the name of the disaster film, but the style turned into a science fiction film, but science fiction with a lot of intellectual manipulation.

The moon hit the Earth so big disaster, but only the three main characters are willing to run into space, the flag of individual heroism is not too exaggerated.

The hero who chose to save the Earth’s cause is to save his son out of prison, how to retire for many years on the hands to open the ship and even on the moon suddenly talk about human origins and racial justice?

Joe’s ex-husband, Brian’s son, and so on, obviously a group of emotionally reckless people, with cool technology packaging has become a big hero in saving the world.

The most exaggerated is that the film is still using hard science fiction to explain the trajectory of the moon in the early part of the film, the middle part of the aircraft can break through the waves of the anti-physical operation, and finally give the explanation of the moon to save itself, it is more or less with a bit of Western metaphysical meaning.

In all fairness, the excellent special effects of “Moonfall” really let people see the $150 million masterpiece, but from the disaster film into a science fiction film is not enough justification, so all the brain is reduced to the emotional line of the backdrop, more like telling a “mom and dad pushed away the moon for their children” story, it is inevitable that people feel a little funny. Two and a half stars.

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