365 Days This Day Review: Fashion landscape erotica

In the first part of the film, the boss is still in love with the heroine, the two people are very loving but also married. But at a party, the heroine found out that the black boss cheated on her, I think it should be the black boss’s twin brother posing as the black boss set up to frame the black boss so that the heroine and the black boss have a gap.

This is when a young and handsome florist appeared in the house, and immediately attracted the heroine’s attention. He took the heroine around, met his friends, and took her to an island where no one was. This makes the heroine fascinated and almost fall in love with the florist. But just when everything is happening like a dream. The woman found something unusual, first of all, this florist’s family conditions are very rich, and feel a variety of hobbies taste is also very high, how such a person can be committed to the family of people as a florist! The florist did not hide, saying that his father was very rich, he just did not want to rely on him. But the lie soon breaks down, because the florist is taking her to a meeting with a gangster, and the black boss is attending. When they arrive at the door, the bouncer tells the florist to leave the heroine to go in by herself. Without hesitation, the florist left the heroine behind and went in himself. But when he arrived at the meeting place, he found out that his girlfriend had been taken by the brother of the black boss. So the black boss and the florist went together to find the heroine. The heroine was held hostage by the black boss’s brother as well as the black boss’s young girlfriend, and both sides began to shoot at each other, and the black boss’s brother and girlfriend were killed, and the heroine was also shot.

The heroine has long lost her aesthetics and cannot raise interest. The various erotic performances are also not new. The female best friend has a good figure and has not seen the supporting performance. The florist turned out to be the son of the rival black boss’s father, both like the heroine, the heroine I have not seen the country’s beauty, at least the body is very limited, nothing to see. But the scenery is beautiful, the soundtrack is also very good. No nutritious film.


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