Broken clay pots, Bagel and stones

Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews: Broken clay pots, Bagel and stones

Cosmic shuttle as a skill is developed and enhanced by people in the Alpha universe. Because Evelyn in the Alpha Universe overdeveloped her daughter Joy, Joy traveled to too many universes in the sensory overload (sensory overload), Waymond said that after the sensory overload, the mind is like a broken clay pot can not be repaired, resulting in Joy blackened into the arrogant villain Jobu Tupaki.

After becoming Jobu, she has the ability to travel through multiple universes at will, so she can appear in countless universes, and can use the costumes and skills of countless universes, as the title describes: EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. she can even touch people around her to make them experience the vastness of the universe and change their reality.

As we discover through Jobu’s own description of a broken mind, it is not as simple as perception overload. The history of mankind is the history of discovery of a larger world; each time we learn more about the world, we realize one more point of human insignificance. In the past we thought we were the center of the universe, the leader of all things; then came Copernicus, then came Darwin, and we were disappointed to find that we were not as important in this world as we had thought we were. So, in the eyes of Jobu, who has seen the infinite universe, the insignificance of human beings is close to nothingness.

Nothing matters.

Jobu slides into nothingness, with a touch of confusion and melancholy of the Beat Generation. In order to find the truth after the superposition of countless universes, Jobu puts all her perceptions into an Everything Bagel. The so-called Everything Bagel, originally a common coffee shop sprinkled with sesame pepper and other seasonings so rich taste bagel flavor, in Jobu’s literal interpretation, but became a nihilistic absurd entity. Because she does not see anything on the bagel other than nothingness, the hollow in the center of the bagel becomes a black hole, trembling to swallow all the meaning of the world.

Several presentations of Everything Bagel in the film

Since the meaning of existence is dead, Jobu has no qualms about killing and doing evil. Bagel’s circle pattern becomes a symbol for her and her followers, and the circle drawn on the receipt by the tax auditor earlier becomes a spell for Jobu to control her, stapled on her forehead to make her jump the universe to gain horrible brute force. Alpha Waymond said that Jobu’s evil spread to the multiverse and only by finding Jobu’s mother Evelyn, who has the same power, can she be resisted.

Although Alpha Waymond had given up on the Evelyn of the main universe, but after discovering that this Evelyn can travel to distant universes, he began to believe that this Evelyn is unique: the movie uses the first ten minutes of fast-paced editing to show that Evelyn’s life is filled with chaos and noise, with her daughter, with her husband, with her father, with her customers, with the tax auditor, she She seems to have barbs in her relationships with everyone, struggling desperately, but falling deeper and deeper. “You’re not good at anything, and you’re the worst version of your multiverse to ever live in.” Waymond sums it up this way.

Not to say that the Evelyn of the main universe is not really the worst off, I think from her own perspective it should be so. She sees herself in the parallel universe shining, her eyes are full of envy. Perhaps she is in the midst of life’s troubles and often recalls the fantasy of what she would have done differently if she had made a different choice, because we sometimes fantasize about ourselves, too. Life’s grievances, sometimes called missed, sometimes called unearned, sometimes called should not have given up, in its essence is a kind of altered reality but wish it were so. Evelyn of the main universe has a lump of resentment inside her, and the desire to change the recessionary reality fuels her to enter more and more of the universe. Eventually the pot shatters and she enters her daughter’s state – EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. as she passes out in the main universe, her consciousness begins to travel through the universes.

Jobu leads Evelyn through the vastness of the multiverse. The director’s imagination is finally unrestrained at this point, the martial arts universe, the doll universe, the cartoon universe, and even the Earth’s lifeless stone universe. When I sat in the theater and saw the PPT on the giant screen, everyone sucked back, everyone lost their breath, until they read the subtitles and laughed out loud.

The truth is that Jobu’s bagel is not to destroy the world, but her self-destruction in a state of nothingness. Jobu, who is overloaded with perception, prefers to be a stubborn stone in the purgatory of the stone universe, but wishes to escape the torment and devouring of metaphysics. She travels through multiple universes in search of Evelyn not to hunt her down, but in the hope that her mother will experience her pain, that she will help her find the meaning of her existence and whisper to her that there is still something worth loving in this world.

But Evelyn couldn’t do it.

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