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Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews: Multiverse View 

The universe is not singular. Every choice we make is a fork in history; every possibility is a parallel universe.

Our protagonist, Evelyn, falls in love with her later husband, Waymond, and in order to escape her father (the father-in-law), who opposes the marriage, Evelyn chooses to elope with Waymond to the United States, where she gives birth to her daughter, Joy, and runs a laundry for decades.

If Evelyn had not chosen to elope and marry Waymond, she would have practiced martial arts, and she would have become a kung fu actress. This is another parallel universe that she may have wondered about when her life was lost.

Such parallel universes exist in countless ways. In one of these universes (called Alpha Universe), human beings have discovered the secret of multiple universes and invented the method of traveling between different universes (Verse-jumping): after scanning life with a special instrument shaped like a Bluetooth headset, making a specific strange action with very low probability (Jumping pad) and pressing the headset, the reality of the universe can be disturbed, through which Imagine yourself in a parallel universe with a different life and jump to this divergent parallel universe. The greater the divergence from the original universe of life, the greater the required reality perturbation, the lower the probability must be made the more bizarre actions.

For example, if Evelyn wants to travel to her own universe in a storage cubicle, which is very similar to her original universe with very little divergence, she only needs to put her left and right shoes on backwards (a low probability move) and then imagine herself pressing the headphones in the storage cubicle. And if she wants to travel to the star universe where she gave up eloping years ago and chose to practice martial arts, then she needs to confess her love for the tax auditor who wants to fatten her up (an even lower probability move). In order to shuttle further universe, the gods role without any inconsistency to start a competition lower limit of the performance, eat lipstick, paper cut hands, chrysanthemum stumps, full of injuries, leaving all kinds of three views to shatter the scene. They are also ruthless people.

The completion of the shuttle from the A universe to the B universe (Verse-jumping A–>B) means that:

  1. you can perceive and control yourself in the A-universe in the B-universe, such as Waymond from the Alpha universe (Alpha Waymond) control the main view of the movie universe (main universe) in the weak self and Evelyn dialogue.
  2. you can use in the A universe to shuttle to the B universe of their own skills, such as Evelyn through the shuttle can get the star universe of their own martial arts skills, you can also get the pizzeria universe of their own juggling billboard skills, as well as the chef universe of their own flexible use of knives / sticks skills, and even martial arts training to the extreme small finger one finger Zen skills. Because Evelyn constantly seeking skills against the enemy, we were able to appreciate the great universe of all kinds of wonders.

And when Evelyn through inaccurate imagination missteps, we fall into the directors of the larger brain hole. For example, Evelyn confronted his daughter, trying to get out of handcuffs, through the very low probability of peeing his pants, then entered the hot dog finger universe: everyone's finger for the hot dog, in this universe, people in love to slow-motion hot dog finger into the mouth of each other with a happy face. In addition, because Evelyn confused the French pronunciation of the title of the Pixar movie Ratatouille (Ratatoulle), she actually found herself in the chef universe with a culinary raccoon (Raccaccoonie)…

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