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Synopsis of The Last Fighter (2020)

Mark is a successful lawyer with a near-unbeatable record. However, in a recent lawsuit against a mob, he unexpectedly loses the case.

It turns out that Mark, who is desperate for a large sum of money, did it on purpose: he wanted to lose the case to get close to the mob bosses and participate in the underground fights they organize.

Mark, who has been training martial arts since he was a child, defeats one opponent after another, and when he has raised enough money to call it quits, he finds that things are not as simple as he thought…

Movie The Last Fighter (2020)

The Last Fighter

Director: Alessandro Bacchini

Screenplay: Alessandro Bacchini / Domenico Costanzo

Starring: Alessandro Bacchini / Shari Fontani / Michael Siegel

Genre: Action / Crime / Martial Arts

Producer Country: Italy
Language: Italian

Release Date: 2020-12-20(Italy)

Running Time: 98 minutes

Also known as The Last Warrior / The Ultimate Warrior
IMDb: tt10809394

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