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Synopsis of That Dirty Black Bag (2022)

The show follows the unfolding eight-day conflict between Arthur McCoy (Cooper) and the notorious, loner bounty hunter Red Bill (Booth).

Red Bill is known for decapitating his victims and stuffing them into a dirty black bag. Echoing and paying homage to classic Italian Westerns, the show follows bounty hunters, bandits, and bloody vendettas, as well as lonely souls driven by passions of faith, love, and revenge.

Movie That Dirty Black Bag (2022)

That Dirty Black Bag

Directed by: Mauro Aragoni / Brian O’Malley

Screenplay: Mauro Aragoni / Silvia Ebreul / Marcello Izzo

Starring: Dominic Cooper / Douglas Booth / Neve Sultan / Travis Fimil / Aidan Gillen / Zoe Boyle / Anna Chancellor / Ross Williams / Peterson Joseph / Christian Cooke / Ivan Shaw / Eugene Brever-Locke / Daniel Caltagirone / Guido Caprino / Lorenzo McGovern Zaini / Gaia Scordario / Caroline Tillette / Ruby Kammerer / Matt Patresi / Simon Delany / Simon Rizzone / Justin Kolovkin / Alexia Murray

Genre: Drama / Action / Western

Country of Production: USA

Language: English

Premiere: 2022-03-10(USA)

Episode Number: 8

IMDb: tt7809420

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