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Synopsis of The Score (2022) 

Johnny Flynn ([The Beast]), Connor Swindell ("Sexual Autism"), Naomi Aki ([Lady Macbeth]) will star in the British musical film [The Score] (tentative). The film is about two small-time crooks who drive to a secluded cafe and want to make a killing.

Troy (Swindell) falls in love with the waitress (Aki) and decides to change himself, while Mike (Flynn) plots to have Troy killed. The film was written and directed by Malachi Smith ([Passage Six]) and is about to start shooting in the UK. 

Movie The Score (2022)

The Score 

Director: Malachi Smyth 

Screenplay: Malachi Smyth 

Starring: Will Poulter / Lydia Wilson / Johnny Flynn / Naomi Aki / Roger Ashton-Griffith 

Genre: Thriller / Music 

Country of Production: United Kingdom 

Release Date: 2022-06-10(UK) 

IMDb: tt10405022 

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