Crossing the Multiverse to Love You

Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews: Crossing the Multiverse to Love You 

Evelyn and Joy's mother-daughter relationship is a mess. Even though she accepts Joy as her girlfriend of three years, she still feels ashamed of her daughter's Queer status in front of her father-in-law. She treats people with a lot of criticism, involuntarily dislikes Joy a little fat when she is nervous, always busy and refuses to communicate with her, making the gap between mother and daughter bigger and bigger. Perhaps this is especially typical in Asian families. We can imagine that the darkening of Joy in the Alpha universe may also be the result of Evelyn's high demand and low emotional communication.

So Evelyn doesn't know how to help her daughter and, after perceiving the whole universe, she loses the meaning of her life just like Jobu, and she starts to sabotage her own life in each universe: she deliberately ignores tax issues in a universe where Alpha Waymond doesn't appear and smashes up her laundry at a New Year's party, she abandons her lover in the Hot Dog Fingers universe, she reports a co-worker's raccoon in the Chef In the universe, she reported her colleague's raccoon, she seduced entrepreneur Waymond in the star universe, and even stabbed him in the tax office in the main universe.

Evelyn, who has lost the meaning of life, sees that her husband refuses to leave her and is still protecting her from her father-in-law's minions after being stabbed by Evelyn; he persuades the tax auditor to give more time in Evelyn's smashed laundry, and he shows Evelyn in the Star universe that kindness is his way of dealing with the world , and he wants to be kind. It's true that Evelyn resents her husband's incompetence, but there's no denying that Waymond has been working hard in his own way. He's not as imposing and domineering as Alpha Waymond, but making cookies for the auditor to eat and dancing with disgruntled laundry customers are still all part of his grounded love and kindness. Even with the divorce papers, I think Waymond is pretending, but actually communicating with Evelyn to regain her neglect of him.

Evelyn sits down and asks the tax auditor how Waymond convinced her to turn the other cheek, and she says he did nothing more than explain everything that happened and let her understand their difficult situation. The auditor confessed that her life was full of loneliness and that knowing Evelyn's family, she was able to empathize with the hardships of life.

Communication and empathy, so simple. But it inspired Evelyn how to save her daughter. Because in the past she had closed the door to communication with her daughter time and again, lacking empathy, she could only tell her daughter what to do. So this time, after her daughter shook her fist in a fighting manner, she chose to open her arms. She even opened her heart to everyone who stood in her way to accept her. Evelyn, who has the same ability to distort reality as Jobu, offers a brutal but fluid way of fighting that is different from Jobu's. Just like Jobu's circle spell, Evelyn strikes the plastic eyes on the party to everyone, probing their parallel universes, Evelyn finds and solves the disturbances in their respective lives with good intentions.

Evelyn has felt everything that Jobu has felt, instantaneously the whole universe, but in the end is not everything that Joy has felt. evelyn does not yet understand Joy as her own daughter, seeking emotional support from her mother but repeatedly frustrated state of mind. joy shouted to Evelyn to let me go, Evelyn let go. In the rock universe, Joy's rock falls off a cliff.

But Evelyn should never give up on saving Joy. For the sake of the universe's greatness, she refused when her father-in-law asked her to eliminate Joy from the main universe. She said that after experiencing so many glorious multiverses, she still wanted to be with Joy. But to save Joy, Evelyn needed to get to know Joy, so Evelyn's stone fell off a cliff right after her. joy fell into the bagel, and Evelyn entered the bagel. Sometimes, the most effective empathy, not in the name of love to grab you, but if you want to fall into the abyss, I accompany you to fall into the abyss.

Therefore, Joy's rescue can only fall into the abyss together with her.

In the climax of the film, the director uses dazzling and harsh editing to switch back and forth between different universes. In one universe Joy falls into a bagel, in another she runs out of the laundromat to the car and is about to fly away, Evelyn follows Joy into the bagel on one side and chases Joy to the car on the other. For the mother and daughter who feel the whole universe instantaneously, their worlds are in sync, and Evelyn says to her daughter at the car, that is, to her daughter who has fallen into the bagel, that she is determined to stay with her daughter, which is what she is willing to choose after seeing countless better lives. Her love for her daughter crosses the vast multiverse, giving a meaning of struggle to this world of nothing matters, which cannot be denied even in the context of existential crisis.

Love as an answer, such a mother theme has been described in numerous literary and film works, and it is not new; but love transcends nothingness, a height of deconstruction that can be presented less successfully. It has both the philosophical significance of existentialism and the practical significance of family relationships. And the directors have acknowledged their desire to depict nothingness as a metaphor for the information explosion of the Internet age, all of which allows their pie-in-the-sky to infect more than just Asians. So much so that someone who says this is a realistic story can believe that everything is actually happening in Evelyn's or Joy's fantasy. At the end of the movie, Evelyn is more tolerant of her daughter and her girlfriend, more in love with her husband, the tax trouble has also improved, everything returns to peace, only in the margins of Evelyn's mind, there is a multiverse that can not disturb her.

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