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Synopsis of The Midwich Cuckoos (2022)

The play is adapted from a novel of the same name.
Midwich, a small English town inhabited by commuters, liberal and open-minded, thirsty for progress, consists of various small families and rich streets. Not much happens here, and there is a good reason for it.

Until one summer day at dusk, a quiet area of town is plunged into panic. People fainted without warning or reason, and the same thing happened to anyone who tried to enter the area.

No one understood why this was happening. When the mysterious blackout is lifted, the people affected by this event gradually return to their normal lives, except for the fact that every woman of childbearing age in the area is suddenly and inexplicably pregnant.

As word spreads, the situation becomes increasingly tense and the people experiencing this emotional shock need help, a responsibility taken up by talented psychotherapist Dr. Susannah Zellaby, whose daughter Cassie is pregnant and who is deeply concerned about the dark hand behind this phenomenon.

Senior Inspector Paul Kirby, the local police officer, is in charge of maintaining order, but what is not known is that a lurid force is gathering on those restful streets of the town. These children, who may be potential parasites, are thriving in the care of their families. Who are these children? What do they want?

Movie The Midwich Cuckoos (2022)

Director: Alice Troughton / Jennifer Perrow / Burke Sigur Rosson
Screenplay: David Farr / Sasha Hales / Laura Lomas / Namshi Khan / John Wyndham

Starring: Kelly Howey / Max Beasley / Aisling Lofthouse / Owerri Roach / Lara Rossi / More…

Genre: Drama / Science Fiction / Suspense / Thriller

Country of Production: United Kingdom

Language: English

First broadcast: 2022-06-03(UK)

Episode Number: 7

Episode Length: 60 minutes

IMDb: tt14245846

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