Die Wannseekonferenz Review: Faith of the Devil

The spring of 1942 was the end of the 11 million Jews in Europe, and the Nazi ethnic cleansing began not with the Wannsee Conference, but with it.

For those who have never known World War II, the Nazis must have been a brutal, bloodthirsty and dehumanizing monster, not to mention a gathering of Nazi leaders, and images of barbarians drinking blood and eating flesh must have come to mind. But the film's Die Wannseekonferenz presents a strange sense of solemnity and formality: formally dressed officers, professors; unwavering faith, even if the distribution of work problems, but also to the greater good; extremely professional data meeting preparation, any problem can do plan rational; procedural justice, the "light" of humanitarianism in the talks The "light" of procedural justice and humanitarianism is frequently interspersed in them. If one ignores that the subject of the meeting was the ethnic cleansing of 11 million Jews, it was a textbook talk for the political elite.

The meeting did not go smoothly, with complaints about the overpopulation of Jews in their own territories, the pressure to transport them, the balance of resources between war and cleansing programs, and the constant sarcasm and jostling between bureaucrats. "Our children and grandchildren will not be equipped with such mobility or such intuitive sobriety, and the burden of today's march is for the benefit and happiness of future generations."

It is under such a firm and unquestionable general policy that all conflicts can be resolved. But a phrase to help me say a few beautiful words in front of Hitler seems to tell us again that this group of the most core Nazis do not seem to care about the slogans shouted in their mouths, the only interests in the group is the eternal pursuit, their compromise on the plan is not absolute spiritual will, but the concessions they have to make to preserve themselves.

This is indeed a reversal of the common viewpoint, often Nazis are brainwashed and bloodthirsty and brutal monsters, at the moment seems to be reduced to some kind of "consent rights" under the interest groups. This seems to be the most common situation in reality, where people often rationalize their actions and allow their conscience to be placed because they have established a common "enemy". The so-called "German spirit" in each German was different, from calm to fanaticism, from disgust to faith. There is no clear axis that can portray the influence of this "evil force" on people, and even the leftists will be infiltrated by this "force". It is the greed, the arrogance, the brutality that lies behind it. When something becomes justifiably right and indiscriminate, and the dissidents are wrong and must be eliminated, that is what mankind should really be careful and wary of.

Stuckart's legal debate on mixed-race Jews was almost the greatest highlight of the conference. As he continued to emphasize the importance of the rule of law to the German people, and the subsequent social problems caused by the indiscriminate cleansing of mixed-race Jews in various situations, it was so exciting that one could even jump to the scene of the "Twelve Angry Men" or the drafting of the Human Rights Act, where he used his talent and intellect to crush a group of Nazi officers who were outwardly powerful. The first of these was the "Twelve Angry Men" or the drafting of the Human Rights Act, in which the Nazi officers were overwhelmed by their talent and intellect. "People need rules and standards, clarity and a sense of direction, the knowledge that there is order in all things." The next line of the sentence is if you change my life's work of Jewish law will leave me hanging. All reflecting Stuckart has intelligence, but no wisdom, talent but no basic morality for people, until this scene, this room full of Nazi's true inner thoughts are shown in front of the audience: when the devil grasp and know what is noble and righteous, that will become the most perfect tool for them to justify themselves, pure evil is far less powerful than the justice in disguise, which is the collapse of faith, imagine when people do not believe in In order to ensure the normal continuation of human civilization, and to avoid becoming the next object of annihilation, the heart for goodness is an indispensable part of the human genes. Although we are always aware of cooperation in the struggle and struggle in the cooperation, but the good thing is that mankind has come all the way to the present, if the Jews should be cleansed, then by the same standards, no nation is qualified to remain on the earth.

Most of us will not have the opportunity to sit at the Wannsee Conference in this life, but maybe we will be one of the 11 million miserable Jews, maybe we will have to become ordinary soldiers pushing the gas chamber button, or more likely we will not have to participate in these brutal struggles, and as bystanders we will only be able to tell ourselves that I am human, that we are all human, to admit that we too are afraid of falling into the hands of the executioners, and maybe to try to understand those who have also suffered. Maybe try to understand those who are also suffering from the "bad guys", the trial is always the consequence of self-reflection failure, but also the last insurance of human nature, do not let yourself become the subject of the trial, but also to avoid becoming the object, after all, there are a thousand reasons why people do evil, the best choice is not to do. 

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