Die Wannseekonferenz Review: Terrible

The German World War II film “Die Wannseekonferenz” based on real history, is a script based on the minutes of a meeting reflecting February 20, 1942, meeting of senior German Nazi governors at a private villa outside Berlin to discuss the mass removal of Jews from the European continent.

The Wannseekonferenz was the formulation of a brutal plan of genocide that led to the resolution of this conference that killed over 6 million people at the end of World War II in 1945. But it is a tragedy of history that all those who attended the conference explored technical issues without ever questioning the nature of the problem.

History is made by everyone, and everyone is a participant in history, so everyone should be responsible for the wrongs and rights of history.

You have to be patient to watch this movie because all the scenes are just a conference room, and all the plot is to rely on lines of dialogue to advance, it is easy to be boring, but looking into or understanding the mechanism of official meetings will shudder, through the so-called procedural system of management operation to discuss genocide and the Holocaust, to promote the policy of extermination against humanity, this is the routine meetings of the bureaucratic administrative system and it’s behind This is what makes the routine meetings of bureaucratic administrations and the institutions behind them so terrible.

This is how many policies that violate human nature are introduced, and whether the policies introduced are beneficial to society and the people is not something that the participants of the meetings and the policymakers consider, although they all say that they are for the greater good and everyone.

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