Die Wannseekonferenz Review: Creepy

The Die Wannseekonferenz was a creepy thing to watch. The story is not complicated, in 1943 Nazi Germany held a high-level meeting to discuss how to exterminate the Jews.

This topic is very scary, more scary is the process of the meeting and the overall scheduling of the film.

As the poster shows, the film has a total of 16 characters, all in a conference room, the film also only shot a meeting. 16 characters of different weights, the main character is the head of the SS Heinrich, presiding over the meeting. The other characters are responsible for functional elaboration according to the course of the meeting, and a stenographer with a little emotional line. The meeting, all lines, the good thing is that there are many people, you can give enough reaction shots, plus each topic for each type of person reacts differently, so there are many people reaction shots can be cut out. Over-the-shoulder medium shot, telephoto close-up, large panorama, the scene is quite rich, the pace is very fast.

But the camera switching is not the main task of the film to show, the content of the meeting is. Discussing the extinction of 11 million Jews, like discussing a product execution plan, cold and ruthless.

What’s even scarier is the efficiency of the meeting, which is about 70 minutes long for a 100-minute film. The initiator of the meeting proposes the general topic, then the head of each department tells the actual situation of the department, the initiator makes a decision, and then the next topic is discussed. There was hardly a word of nonsense in the whole meeting! The initiator did not have a complete solution before the meeting, and the participants’ levels were almost equal. However, the participants only say things related to their departments, there is no discussion and even less demolition when others speak, there are questions with solutions to mention, and the meeting is extremely efficient, not deviating from the theme. The moderator of the meeting also did not put on a show to convey the spirit or must listen to my posture, but to raise questions and coordinate the work of various departments. From this point of view, the whole movie is simply a textbook of workplace meetings, and for those who did not understand why the meeting, the work meeting as communication of feelings and small talk of bullshit will be too efficient.

That’s why the movie is so creepy to watch, because from technology to reality, is now what we only dare to imagine.

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