Achieving self-breakthrough and tapping into human values

This movie is well-made, both in terms of characters, editing, character dubbing, plot, and other professional aspects, all worth a closer look. The car chase scene in the opening scene of the film is very enjoyable, and the car racing scene in which the wolf and other four people go to save the snake later on, with exclusive background music, is straightforward.

As a family animation, not only in all aspects of the point but also has a certain moral edification significance.

Don’t stereotype people because of the phenomenon presented on the surface and have a prejudice against others. It is prejudiced by human beings because of the appearance or the traits carried by the appearance itself. The wolf tells itself that it has always been the image of a big bad guy in the story, doing evil and scheming a lot, so people will not believe it will be a good guy; even the snakes are also vicious, treacherous, and ugly as if it is their nature, and human prejudice has stereotyped their nature from the beginning, and we can also see from the side how difficult it is for them to change from being unforgivable to helping human beings in the end, not only to change human’s deep-rooted stereotypes of them but also to change their moral values. The most important thing is to break through the line of defense in their hearts – to compromise with humans.

An inadvertent compliment in life can affect a person’s life. The wolf wanted to steal the purse of the old grandmother at the banquet, but because of the accident it became a helping hand help the grandmother, and the old grandmother said to the wolf you are a good boy. Later, the wolf did something kind and was praised as a good boy. These two little things influenced the wolf’s life and played a key role in the wolf’s contradictory choice between “good” and “evil” later.

Hypocrisy is more detestable than true evil. The ups and downs in the movie are a major point of interest. The guinea pig, who is known as a good guy by human beings, has the worship and faith of human beings, but he is not expected to be the biggest black hand behind the scenes, and he sets up a game to take advantage of the goodness of the members of the bad guy alliance and calculates the bad guy alliance, even hiding it from everyone. Under its kind and lovely appearance, reality is just a heart of all evil, which is pseudo. In contrast to the badass alliance, do miss things, the scolding of humans is irrelevant, frank, under the appearance of not being seen by humans but having a good heart, some goodness they are not without, but the lack of an eye to discover their goodness.

“The Bad Guys” in many characters used inversion and double-sided techniques, each character image has its positioning and is shaped very full. The movie is realistic, down-to-earth, and touching, reflecting some of the finer details of life. Good defeating evil is the best ending, leaving the audience with a perfect impression.

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