The Bad Guys Review: A rebellion from stereotypes

First of all, when we discuss this movie, we should realize that this animated work is facing an all-age audience, so the logic of the movie will take care of children’s viewing experience, and deliberately make the depth of the dramatic movement shallow, emphasizing the dramatic effect brought about by the pursuit of obvious twists and turns.

-This makes the villain’s plot will be very childish, stereotypical, and pretentious. The film’s storytelling itself serves only as an undercurrent to what the film’s production team wants to show.

Wolves and snakes, sharks piranhas, and poisonous spiders.

–The structural transformation of the American social ecology by the issue of immigrant integration.

In recent years, the problem of immigrants in the United States has become increasingly serious, through the elite’s subtle and meticulous longitudinal cutting means, making the entire pyramid grassroots blocks, glass plates. Whether it is gender rights, sexual orientation, imaginary gender, gender selection, racial culture, hobbies, hobbies, institutional conflicts, weapons conflicts, or emotional conflicts, human consciousness is shaped and categorized into various unique positions and repeatedly reinforced, the economic issues behind the original class confrontation are blurred out and crowned with the larger and more abstract and difficult to grasp for individual consciousness “freedom” and “democracy”. The concept of “freedom” and “democracy” has succeeded in dividing the consciousness of a whole group of people, which has led to the abuse and depletion of the individual’s ability to perceive super-experiential things under the command of religious consciousness and state consciousness, and eventually, they can only rely on instinct and emotion to capture the parts that can only be understood intuitively, when When the individual passively gives up a part of his consciousness initiative and reluctantly blends into the torrent of the radical group consciousness, he passively decides to choose himself as one of the pieces of the puzzle that can “seem” to be grasped for himself by the huge social public consciousness.

The Bad Guys (2022) 

The Bad Guys (2022)

In the era of rapid development of information technology, people have gradually lost the ability to actively grasp their environment and have transformed into passive biological machines that receive information stimuli, chasing images and sounds, chasing stimuli and excitement in exchange for the false illusion that still dominates them. Stereotypes in people’s minds are increasing, and there is even a gradual tendency for stereotypes to replace rational perceptions.

Each generation of young people has a way of dividing themselves, seeking to join groups with clear and definite labeling characteristics under the ambiguous category within the scope of their perceptions, such as the evolving classification of astrology, the evolving classification of psychology, the evolving classification of zodiac yin and yang, the five elements and gossip, etc. This tendency has evolved with the history of human civilization for tens of thousands of years, from From the earliest days of clan worship to today’s classification of personalities by a certain four-letter alphabet, people are willing to use intuitive labels and symbols to guide themselves with the universal characteristics of a certain group. This stems from the utilitarian nature of human language and logic, which is extremely “efficient” and “intuitive,” and when this trend takes over, it gradually “flattens” and “symbolizes” human perceptions. When this tendency takes precedence, human perceptions are gradually “flattened” and “symbolized” toward more mysterious metaphysics and foolish superstition. In fact, with the development of the times, this tendency to seek cultural community identity is generally recognized, created, and abused by young people of different ages and interests in the process of information circulation on the new Internet, which has increasingly subverted the original way of shaping and natural growth of human perceptions through reading and discernment, and turned to direct contact with established experiences” The result of “observing the ideas behind people and things”, of making quick judgments under the “curtain of Moyer”, of cutting channels of communication quickly, of saving emotional and time investment – the tragic consequence of which is that The tragic consequence is that young people’s community is extremely short, casual contact, recklessly relying on first impressions to determine favorable or unfavorable, the knowledge of people and things rests on the results of superficial external objects, lacking the basic motivation to understand and learn from each other, relying only on interests, hobbies, or even the results of certain horoscopes, psychological classifications and other illusory and turbulent “feelings” After negating the traditional values that represent stereotypes and losing the protection of (empirical) rigid rules and systems, utilitarian curmudgeons soon stole the initiative and occupied the top of the social scene, treating the social circle of human society as a hunting ground, squandering the trust and goodwill between people in an overdraft manner, and spreading the germs of doubt and hatred.

Young people, in recent times, are far more harmed by the inertia brought about by stereotypes than they are by the real convenience that stereotypes can provide.

In the film, wolves, snakes, sharks, piranhas, and poisonous spiders are creatures with a considerable degree of stereotypes in nature, and the production team’s choice of these creatures also conveys a clear intention: to express the real problem behind the increasingly intensified conflicts in American society through the symbols and symbolic conveyance of stereotypes in the creatures. The conflict of stereotypes that are compatible with each other and the abuse of stereotypes and slackness of trust.

When people think of wolves, they often think of brutality and cunning; when they think of snakes, they think of coldness and viciousness; when they think of multi-limbed poisonous spiders, they think of trepidation and fear; when they think of sharks, they think of bloodlust and savagery; when they think of piranhas, they think of madness and greed. These stereotypes do not come from the animals themselves, but more from stories, experiences, legends, books, and film and television portrayals of these creatures. In the film, the snake is dressed in a Mexican-style yellow shirt and hat, the shark is dressed in a Canadian casual outfit, the wolf is dressed in a New York street fashion suit, and the villain is dressed in a red baroque Russian cape, all of which are deliberate efforts to cater to stereotypes. Although it has little effect on the adults who have stereotypes ingrained in their minds (pandering to adult stereotypes), for the children watching the film, it is actually enough to show that stereotypes are not strong and that there is another possibility for things to go beyond stereotypes. However, the stereotypes in the film are not as strong as they could be.

However, the stereotypes in the film do not only stem from the simple contrast of characterization and symbolism, but also the contrast of gender stereotypes. As a film with male consciousness and position as the narrative perspective, the female characters of Poison Spider, the female sheriff, and Governor Red Fox, with three influences, emphasize that women can do well in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Although the character traits of the characters due to space constraints still have the suspicion of flattening, however, a comprehensive look at the role played by female characters in the entire film is beyond the general position of the vase, there is no substitute for the important role. The female poison spider role is responsible for the technical support work of the crime team, which means that women can make excellent results in the male dominance, and usually pride themselves on ruling the programming, IT industry, and other high-intensity rational positions. The female police chief, on the other hand, with a pagoda-like body and extraordinary action, the first and foremost to command the entire police team to the crime syndicate’s many pursuits, the protagonist and his party will be whisked away, fleeing in fear, in contrast to her strong body, her subordinates to male practitioners occupy an absolute advantage in the industry’s national violent family force to enforce the machine law off the subordinates are weak as children, incompetent and mediocre.

As the heroine, Red Fox has a double identity. Will men occupy the right to speak of politics and crime are to do the leader: one side is to inspire, diligence, and love the people of the female governor. On one side is a female thief and bandit with an undefeated mythical rivers and lakes legend.

The three female characters in the three professions of the best performance is a female consciousness awakening externalization, in film and television works to break the traditional inherent stereotypes of common sense – only men can be police officers, politicians, when the founders of the information age of the argument, has been disgraced by the girls, women are increasingly strong conscious of the removal of When faced with some oppression and bullying from the gender, not silently endure but choose to rise against it, the basic rights of women should not be abnormally repressed, which needs to start from breaking, dismantling some stereotypes that are bad habits. In the heroine red fox alone into the sea prison footage the inspiration, I believe more girls can be from the explosion of the hustle and bustle of the valiant heroic retreat in the excitement of the rest also inspired by the power of women can also bloom, the human stage should have space for women to dance.

In the deeper layer of identity stereotypes and gender stereotypes, there are stereotypes from class differences – this layer of stereotypes is an objective response to the producer’s living environment, even if it is useful to strengthen the part of the series, but still reveals some of the production team may think that they are used to, but it seems to us that it is particularly piercing depiction: the huge gap between the rich and the poor behind the depression of the entire city, the rich throwing money out of their pockets to collect donations for unreal poses and performances – although small children holding collection boxes from the skirts and pants among them, they are only faintly almsgiving to throw a bill or two, and the piranha’s madness prompted it to show a song on the occasion Stimulated by the madness of the music, the rich even threw out gold bars and stacked bills to push their pleasure to a higher level with the excitement of throwing a thousand dollars

–The rich never donate to charity, they don’t even care about where the money goes and how it is spent, they only care about “charity” as “consumption”. “That moment of attention and fame and admiration of the body.

This makes the whole city a strange place, with the marginalized in the slums living in warehouses leading to the sewers, the children in dozens of orphanages surviving on the charity of the rich, the cramped streets and incompetent police helpless against the city’s criminals, and the richest people in the city plotting to loot the entire city from the orphans to raise money for charity.

On the one hand, the creative team uses stereotype reversal to create dramatic conflict and a comedic atmosphere, they are well versed in making the main team come to their senses, robbing the rich to help the poor, accepting the law, and reforming and reuniting the family. On the one hand, they obey their stereotypes, unconsciously cutting the systemic problems exposed behind the capitalists’ problems and merely portraying the capitalist villains as a kind of fierce moralistic villains – simply because of the greed that cannot be filled.

This makes it difficult for the viewer to realize that a city of criminals is rampant

It is difficult for the viewer to realize that the decay and chaos of a city where criminals roam the streets and police sirens wail are related to politics or institutions, but rather to sociopathic personalities and greedy human nature. Especially in European and American societies, where religious culture is the base of individual consciousness, it is easier to blame all problems on fatalism and original sin, which makes the psychological motivation of the film’s protagonists often a kind of self-motivated psychological motivation similar to the “redemption” mentality.

This almost romantic and idealistic stereotype is dazzled by love and friendship, but in reality, it is often scorned by its bearer group, which is contrary to its utilitarian social consciousness consensus and is only a protective color painted on the surface.

This stereotype prompts the film to end with mutual redemption and forgiveness between the wolf and his friends, defeating the stupid and bad villainous guinea pig. Everyone gets what they want and deserve – except for the millions of soon-to-be-wild guinea pig disasters scattered throughout the city!

It is conceivable that an army of guinea pigs without a leader will turn the city into a disorderly guinea pig purgatory – but, of course, realistic logic suggests that this situation will eventually die down in a new round of mutual denunciation between animal protection and environmental groups, but that may be the next installment. But that’s probably the next one.

The film’s portrayal of the news media also reflects this reliance on stereotypes to fool the masses and remind them that there is no such thing as a limit to the minds of journalists, or even to the laws that guide programmers, television stations, and media moguls.

Finally, I would like to say that although this is only an animated film, the creative team tried to talk about stereotypes as plainly as possible in a language that all people can understand. However, stereotypes themselves are based on human perceptions and are the result of empiricism and hyper-empiricism, but they also grow according to rational learning and discernment. The film itself is not to deny the objectivity of stereotypes, but to teach people that they should have a certain skepticism and rationalism to criticize their stereotypes, not to follow the clouds and let their emotions and appearances manipulate their lives, and to think and feel deeply about friends and family, love and friendship, instead of defining them arbitrarily and using their emotions to resist them, because they are not yet The definition of a person’s character and temperament is defined by the occasional situation that is not thought through, and by one’s inherent prejudices.

The Chinese wisdom of “harmony” is based on the two-way efforts of two people to run and build and accomplish common goals. “More often than not, people are just bound in place by stereotypes disguised as ideas. When you open your mind, feel the rules and comfort of nature, observe heaven and earth and world affairs, and understand the smallness and loneliness of yourself and heaven and earth, only then do you know how precious life is, and the more you look at your friends, family and loved ones, the more you cherish the bond you share.

Finally, even if you have a heart full of holes, there is no harm.

Look at this wonderful world, many wonderful destinies are waiting for us to experience in the future.

The most important thing is to be able to turn around with a smile on your face.

I wish you all happiness.

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