The Bad Guys Review: Probably the most underrated animated movie of the year

Don't think of it as an "evil is not good" or "clean up your act" story, if that would be too much to live up to "the bad guys".

The main characters of the story are five in the traditional label of the big bad: the elegant pickpocket "big bad wolf", the knowledgeable safe thief "greedy snake", the calm and steady master of disguise "beautiful belly shark ", the irritable fighter "Piranha", the sharp-tongued hacker expert "hacker spider", they are full of bad deeds, doing for the social order and moral concept against: theft, robbery, fraud ……

Apart from not being recognized by the world, I think they live a very happy life, financial freedom, hardcore friendship, self-actualization ……

Of course, the story must be set for good, they have not experienced the taste of "be a good guy", so someone must follow the good advice, it is interesting that the role of this guide is the number one villain in the movie "Mr. Guinea Pig", his correction The course was so successful that the big bad wolf wagged his tail with joy.

I don't know why, but I prefer to call it a youth film.

The question of good and evil, the question of being good or bad, the question of whether to embrace the crowd or to be the enemy of the world, are all teenage problems.

Besides, who has not been tempted by bad guys when they were teenagers, wanting to be them, or being in love with them. Those who can do bad things quite well are themselves over the top and full of charm.

The good guys are more boring, otherwise how can people like Yang Yi, not what the Wudang Seven. The ideal type is naturally the black and white, superior "fox mayor" (of course, such cases are too few and far between).

The film's plot, graphics, soundtrack have been absolute excellence, but I still want to boast of its most extreme background setting:.

Have you noticed that, in addition to a few of the main characters are animals, the city is clearly all human ah. Pedestrians on the street, guests in the banquet hall, police officers in the police station, obviously are people.

The construction of this slightly "magical" world, is the author wants to tell us that these animals are only appearances, they are in the real world is labeled with a variety of people ah.

The movie takes advantage of the change of "good and evil" and is not much interested in discussing good and bad. There is a good saying that there is no good or bad in the world of adults, but only interest. DreamWorks' favorite theme in these years is still standing at the center of the universe and calling for love. We are more interested in diversity, equality, freedom, and giving people the right to be educated and the chance to be seen again.

The so-called evil people are certainly not the same as they are, not knowing the meaning of sharing, empathy and assistance, not knowing the pleasure of doing good, and only doing bad things. Most people they know everything but are unable to choose, who are not saved enough disappointment before choosing to leave.

Although the midway difficulties, it has a very hot-blooded initial heart, and an incomparably bright future, at least in the film. 

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