The Unbearable Weight of Genius Review: Everyone has their own film

I don’t know when Nicolas Cage has been known as the “King of Bad Movies”. In recent years, although Cage is still a regular dedicated to two or three bad movies every year, also occasionally surprises work.

From 18 years of mixed reviews of “Mandy

To 19 years to interpret the Cthulhu fear of the “color of the stars

to last year’s “Pig”, which I still like.

Nicholas is completing a certain metamorphosis in his career as an actor, moving from big action films like “Air Jail”, “60 Seconds Fast” and “National Treasure” to independent films with character and style. (Or maybe he just wasn’t approached by a major production)

The Unbearable Weight of Genius” belongs to this category of works that are out of the mainstream narrative, but can still surprise people. Nicolas Cage originally constructed the framework of the film with his image, filled in the contents of the film shooting and script writing in parallel, embellished with some mysterious plot, and completed the reconciliation of his past self and family at the end of the film.

If “Dr. Caligari’s Cabin” can shake hands with “Paddington Bear 2”, then the generation gap between people, the gap between the past and the present, is probably not an incompatible antagonist.

1. Self-deprecating autobiography

For audiences under 25 years old, Nicolas Cage may be more of a “once-brilliant” symbol. But compared to the late ’90s, “The Island”, “Prison in the Air”, and “The Changing Face”, these works, Cage has slowly gone through his most brilliant era in film.

And this film is, almost an autobiographical way to build such a “Nick Cage”, this Cage also has a failed marriage and complicated family relationships, also because of debt, and has to take a variety of small roles. Cage will be part of their own experience out on the screen, to self-deprecating tone to tell the once (or now) down and out life, is also quite interesting.

Of course, this is not the real autobiography, the real Nicholas Cage was married five times, the last three are Asian, the shortest marriage, the woman happens to be a Japanese-American make-up artist, I do not know the film Nick let his ex-wife make-up finally reveal the bridge, there is a bit of irony ex-wife meaning.

Similarly, Nicholas Cage does not have a daughter, he has two sons in all marriages.

But speaking of daughters, Cage’s latest wife has been pregnant for a while, it is said that the child will be a daughter, in the film Nick did not handle the relationship between family and work and feel remorse, I do not know in real life, Cage can become a good father from one to the end.

In this both real and fake film, Nicholas Cage cleverly part of his experience and his part of the film (of course, less of its bad) into the arrangement, so that the film in the script outside more worthy of being explored, and in this complex narrative, Cage also gave a rare in recent years, multi-layered and outstanding performance.

2. The script of the rice ring fan head

As mentioned in the previous section, Nicolas Cage was at the end of the last century and the beginning of this century at the height of his interpretative career, and since then Cage has accumulated a large number of die-hard fans (and it is we fans who spit out Cage’s bad movies every year, discussing whether Cage can finally make a comeback), and “Genius Can’t Take It” is a film that devotes a lot of space to discussing the loving and complex relationship between fans and filmmakers. The film’s number one character is Nick Cage.

In the film, Nick Cage’s number one fan, Javi, is played by Pedro Pascal, and the rivalry and interaction between Pascal and Cage are very interesting, while the fans and the star spend time with each other, Cage is not only enjoying the privilege of being an idol, being admired, he is also trying to find the familiar self in the collaboration with fans.

In the film, Javi came up with the idea of a script, Cage, and Javi as the film’s plot continued to improve the content of the script, and finally, the script became the film we see, and the film is about two people writing a script together.

In this changing script gradually complete process, we can see some deconstruction of the film industry, where Cage said that the addition of kidnapping scenes can make the film more attractive to the audience, which is indeed the practice of the film industry, such as last year Cage that conquered the bad guys with food “pigs” was criticized by many people for hanging a sheep’s head to sell dog meat, with the expectation of watching a revenge film but watched a healing food movie in general, a film If less tense and exciting plot, many viewers are afraid that they do not intend to see.

The film naturally also added kidnapping, gun battles, car chases, and other elements, the good thing is that the film has already told you that these elements are about to appear, so these plots, regardless of the degree of completion, in a sense also constitute the irony of the film industry.

Admittedly, big scenes and action scenes are not the wrong things, as long as they can be shot well, and can not fall into the mold, the audience will still love to see them.

3. Reconciliation

The film’s starting point, which is strikingly similar to “The Universe in a Flash” a few weeks ago, is reconciliation.

Because of the work and increasingly distant from his daughter, Cage finally completed a Liam Neeson-style “hurricane rescue”, relying on his “acting” to save his daughter in danger, and his daughter to release the past, and become a competent father.

Cage’s imaginary Nicky, wearing the costume of “My Heart Goes Wild”, is Cage survived in the last century, from the memories of that glorious era, this Nicky is domineering, sure that he is still the brightest star of the one.

Whenever Nicky appeared, it was like a dose of chicken blood hit, so Cage could not help but look back and dream back to the top.

But the fact is that he has gone down the road irrevocably, although he still has a fan base, the film business knows that he is box office poison, no longer willing to hire him to perform.

So, this journey, although the end of Cage’s new film, we also found that Cage began to accept that he is no longer the overbearing boy, he is clumsy, pronunciation lame, and he is not always the most popular presence in the crowd, but he still has a little flash of wisdom, he can still make a moving performance, he can still be by his daughter’s side.

He is not perfect, but accepting his imperfect self is also a key step to reconciliation with himself.

4. Everyone has their movie

There is a bit of “reconciliation” in the film, and that is the reconciliation between Javi and his father. After he watched “The First Lady’s Bodyguard”, he finally let go of his father’s long-held grudge before he died.

The film has the power to change lives, and a certain film encountered in life may stay with a person for a long time.

The film mentions “one’s favorite film” several times, and Cage says that the favorite film will change with time and mood, so picking the “best” is almost an impossible task.

I think everyone has his or her own “favorite movie list”, and the movie on this list may not be the same as everyone’s favorite, or it may just be an ordinary movie, or even forgotten by everyone, but maybe because of the mood of watching the movie, or maybe because of the people watching the movie together, that movie is attached with The film has become unique because of the imprint of each person.

Like Nick Cage’s favorite “Dr. Caligari’s Cabin”, this film is now a “historical relic” that few people outside the film industry are interested in, but in the silent film era, it was taken as a standard by many filmmakers, and emulated.

Everyone has their movie, but we should also respect other people’s favorite things, people who love “Dr. Caligari’s Cabin” can also love “Paddington Bear 2”, and people who love Marvel can certainly become DC fans.

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