The Unbearable Weight of Genius Review: Nicolas Cage plays himself

Is “The Unbearable Weight of Genius” a turnaround masterpiece?

YO, let me ask an age-revealing question first. When it comes to Nicolas Cage, do you first think of his classic films and television works, or the bad movies that you can’t name today that pay off your debts?

I certainly belong to the former, today’s talk about this “genius can not bear the weight”, is also the previous Cage those classics to do articles, and combined with the Cage Waterloo career, do a half record half plot… Commercial film.

At present, foreign scores and word of mouth are good, and there are even people who say that this is Cage after years of bad film immersion, who finally made a straightforward to reflect on his career turnaround God film, and so on.

mmmm, we still have to see what the general plot says, it will involve spoilers please watch at your discretion.

The film’s protagonist is of course our actor Cage acting Cage, in film and television works to play themselves is not too rare existence.

As we all know, Cage this … Let me count, ten years it is not too surprising works and most of the water film, but also owed a debt.

So once the film industry super first-line or even one of the highest paid Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage, has lost focus for many years, which made is the agent also headache, family life is not harmonious, daughter has grown up and unknowingly and Cage has a small gap.

But we all at least have three points of love in, see through as much as possible not to break, one day the broker to Cage took a single mysterious birthday party walk single, do not need Cage to do anything, the pay for millions of dollars! Enough to pay off his hotel bill for more than a year and more.

But for the once tang a line took the Oscar for best actor Cage, this is simply humiliating, Cage, of course, refused, at first.

But just after Cage refused, he received a thank-you call from a play he was previously keen to take on, and then tried to steal the spotlight on his daughter’s birthday to embarrass the crowd, and returned to the hotel but found he owed the room bill for too long to get into the room and had an unbearably disheveled Cage could only dial his agent and agreed to that birthday party invitation.

So Cage flew to Spain to meet a wealthy businessman named Harvey to attend his birthday party.

But Harvey is not simply old new money, but the U.S. CIA on the gangster, he even kidnapped the daughter of a country’s electors, as a way to influence the country’s elections and allow themselves to gain more benefits.

CIA in the airport stalked Harvey’s private plane results but accidentally down Cage, did Cage also have a relationship with the mob, one does not rest CIA directly from Cage to continue the investigation.

Harvey is a fan of Cage, rich and capricious Harvey finally had a lifetime to Cage to attend his birthday party, and personally picked up the plane, but also showed fanboy tendencies some shy and overwhelmed.

On this trip, Harvey in addition to witnessing the idol style, also wants Cage to act in a script he had just written, which will be the greatest honor of Harvey’s life.

Cage originally just came over to make a quick buck, but did not expect to talk to his fans.

Just when Cage thought he had found his soulmate, he was unexpectedly invited to tea by the CIA, asking him to help the CIA to uncover the true nature of Harvey’s murderous nature and, more importantly, to rescue the girl Harvey had kidnapped.

So a Cage deep inside the fandom Harvey castle, and pretend to fight with Harvey hot, with Harvey performance of undercover operations are launched.

The two tacit understanding for one second in the real situation, the next second directly into the classic plot of a movie in which Cage played, the two acted also thief into.

In the middle, of course, interspersed with Cage deep into the other side of the surveillance room and other spy business routines, these episodes are also discussed in their discussion of the script, a film within a film, drama within a drama of the plot staggered, and even in a moment, I can not quite distinguish whether they are playing their script plot, or in the real exchange, or Cage wants to talk to the audience, to talk about his feelings of years of filming and feelings about family.

At this point the film entered the third act of the showdown, as Cage and Harvey discussed the script to close, Cage deliberately put the plot of the kidnapped girl into the script, wanting to use the plot to extrapolate to rescue the real kidnapped girl.

But at this point, Harvey interpreted the plot as a serious disconnect between Cage and his daughter and brought Cage’s family to this place of right and wrong.

Originally Cage thought to fight Harvey to the death but did not think that the real behind-the-scenes gangster is not a naive fan of Harvey, but Harvey’s cousin, in short, the film entered the commercial setting of the hero’s road to the end of the showdown, Cage once again transformed into a man to turn the situation on all sides, Cage used the skills he learned in the film to give a hang, rescued himself and his family.

Very cheesy, right, the film and then back to reversal, to engage in a set plot, the above talk is Cage and Harvey discussed the script after the film, the film was a great success, Cage once again became a brilliant and much loved and respected by the audience Cage!

If you are a fan of Nicolas Cage, I believe you will find a lot of nostalgic impressions in this movie that will take you back to the days of watching Cage’s blockbuster movies, especially Cage’s unique way of reading lines by amplifying the volume of a certain word, as well as the sudden “crazy” outburst of acting, and the film’s ubiquitous homage to the classics, flirtation, and sarcasm, etc. The film’s omnipresent homage to the classics, its banter, sarcasm, etc.

But while watching the film, it reminded me of an inappropriate word, I hope Cage fans do not spray me I also grew up watching Cage’s classic blockbuster, the word is “selling sentiment”.

I believe that everyone and I believe that the biggest selling point of the film is Cage playing the current mid-life crisis himself, Cage reality encountered all kinds of Cage, read Cage related gossip news, are clear Cage encounter than the film more gripping and wonderful, but in the film but not too much can see Cage can break the fourth wall, and the audience to bolder to discuss their performance, their person, their own The film is not much to see Cage can break the fourth wall, and the audience to explore more boldly their performance, their person, their ideas and their career experience in recent years.

There are just some superficial slapdash touches of Cage’s real life, and a reluctance to let go of the classic blockbuster plots of yesteryear.

You can see that the film in some of the plots is very hard to leave behind the commercial film frame type, to go a face-to-face moment with the real Cage, to refute the audience who questioned him, to appease those who were once enthusiastic about his fans, loudly say Nicolas Cage I’m back!

The film also cleverly uses the classic young Cage image and the middle-aged present-day Cage image dialogue bridge, to visualize these issues to explore, but these scenes are not well integrated into the film Cage undercover performance plot.

This causes the feeling that Cage seems to face himself as not so open, which leads to the audience, at least for me, did not have too much sense of substitution.

So well, the main plot of the film, if not Cage to play, but to find another once also very popular, now almost struggling in the eighteenth line of actors to play themselves the effect is not too much.

So this causes the main plot in fact and Cage in the reality of the intertwined play is not much, more just in Cage and Harvey performance Cage once in the classic film, but we can not peek out of Cage today even closer to the reality of the real idea.

This has to mention the “disaster artist”, although the film did not invite the real actors to star in their own, but the “disaster artist” viewing experience than the “genius of the unbearable” to the audience to get closer to touch the heart of the protagonist (starring actors).

Perhaps the focus of each person watching the film is different, some people do see from this film is more fluid and a bit of surprise Cage, the film is also really okay, the plot although the routine, but the routine gave the routine an explanation, to commercial genre considerations, to give themselves a step-down, so you can not say that it is a routine.

And I was more with the expectation of seeing a more realistic actor Cage, Cage turned out to be a stunning work of art to see.

But the result is to see an ordinary middle-of-the-road spy script, Cage is still very hard in the shooting, but also still does not intend to quietly, and we look at Cage’s classic films grew up in the audience, to talk around the stove to talk about these years, his acting career journey.

I think one of the important reasons is that Cage is not enough to make a straight answer in the face of his controversial films in recent years.

We know that Cage has taken a lot of bad movies over the years, Cage also knows that we know that he has acted in a lot of bad movies, but in the case of both sides are clear to each other, and did not go too much to cover this topic, but Cage asked our audience how hard you see me, I used to take 5 movies a year, in the actor’s career I am very dedicated.

Yes, yes, Cage is dedicated to filming and receiving films to try to pay off their debts, but as the title of the film written “genius can not bear the weight”, it seems that Cage is not willing to put down their “genius” baggage, but in a flirtatious way, to educate the audience, I took the film is not a bad film, but we can not see through the fun and The pain. Maybe.

Then look at the film’s story, nothing to explore, playing a structure similar to Cage’s “adapted script”, the protagonist is also in the process of writing his script, setting himself into the plot of his script. Further back such a structure, perhaps Fellini’s “eight and a half”.

The main plot of the commercial elements of the stack, the interaction between the two male protagonists from acquaintance, acquaintance, to mutual “betrayal”, and finally together to face difficulties to kill a bloody road, even though they are flirting with the commercial script had to be placed in these eye-catching action sequences, and I do not know if this is the reason, Cage and Pedro Pascal between the scenes And the way of acting, are very hard too hard, deliberately to create “I act for you to see” the performance.

Talking about Harvey’s role as Pedro Pascal, his acting skills are beyond words, from the domineering Red Viper to the calm and collected Mandalorian who only relies on his voice to perform.

This time in the film to play a fanboy is not a problem, but I do not know why, Pedro Pascal for the comedy line, does not seem to pry my nerves, always feel that his humorous performance in the air itch, to know to play a good comedy to make people laugh is not simple.

So every actor wants to have a signature comedy in his or her interpretative career.

With all that said, you should have some idea of what this “Genius Can’t Stand It” is about.

For me, this movie is not yet to the point of Cage’s turnaround masterpiece, but I can feel that Cage wants to strongly express to the audience through this movie that he still wants to remain within the reach of the movie fans and try hard to deliver better performance for everyone, well, we see it! Please come on Cage!

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