The Survivor Review: This material is a bit of a waste to shoot like this

A sad story of a Jewish boxer, separated from his girlfriend in a concentration camp, under German duress, constantly boxing with his fellow countrymen, the only way out is death, and for his survival, he must do what makes him miserable.

The war is over, the creation of the mind is difficult to calm, and the whereabouts of his lost girlfriend are unknown, where should he go?

He is not a demon, but he has to stand on the bones of his compatriots to survive.
The role of the Nazi officer is a terrible testimony to “the de-individualization of collective behavior, so that goodness is stopped by choice, whether it survives or not”.

Countless tragedies have occurred, and are occurring, that when the mass killing machine is already in operation, there are only two ways to go, either to join or to oppose it.

If we don’t want to be either victims or perpetrators, we must stop it while we still have the chance.

HBO chose to launch the film on April 27, the day of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I was in tears when I saw the reunion of the protagonist and his lover. Even though I missed out on this life, you are the last bit of light and fire that holds my love for this world.

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Above is the review of the movie The Survivor (2021), if you like this movie, you can download it here for free: Free download of The Survivor (2021)

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