The Survivor Review: A biographical film in the form of a memoir

The film is about a Jewish survivor of a concentration camp after World War II and how he heals from PTSD brought on by the camp.

On the whole, two hours is a bit long, the story is very simple, insist not to fast forward to see a little difficult

It is also possible that the concentration camp films are less seen, and those that have been seen are classics, compared to this one is much worse.

The description of the concentration camp is not cruel enough, and real life is not legendary enough.

In short, it is a story of ordinary people, so it is still boring.

I don’t know how the original is, but it’s a very heavy subject matter, and it feels a bit wasted. The screenplay focuses on the post-war interspersed with memories in the search for editing slightly chaotic.

Several characters are not distinct, and the inner things are not told.

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