The Survivor Review: A Passive Life

The tragic history of Auschwitz has always been extremely sensitive and widely debated, and there is certainly no shortage of works to render it, but boxing as an entry point will make people shine.

The hero, as a survivor, can hardly forget everything that happened in the past, especially the frequent flashes of memories in the ring, and instantly can be stripped of fighting spirit, like a doll at the mercy of others, even in life, can not cut off that nightmare, and then wander between gain and loss, although strong and tender.

So the continuous pain is not worthy of praise, as the old saying goes, “Bad luck only finds the bitter.” The cruel circumstances of the return from the dead should have been lucky, but the scars of the past have long circled the hero’s future, so he clings to the past and can not extricate himself, even famous only to let his lover find himself, which is the source of sorrow.

However, people always have to learn to let go, learn to move forward, and learn to respect the giving of others, before they can embrace the new everything, this is the meaning of living.

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