Hustle Review: Very real sports film

After watching it a felt very real.

The first is the cast. 

The producer is LeBron and partner Maverick Carter, has a lot of contacts, and invited a lot of coaches players trainers, and even street ball legends and so on. Adam Sandler himself is also very fond of playing basketball. So the scenes inside are very real, giving people a feeling of really watching basketball, but also more compelling.

The second is the storyline. 

Although the cliché also told some reality. NBA player’s age problem ah, some talented players because of injuries die out ah, and although good physical talent but ball IQ and mind can not adapt to the professional game ah, and the management of Philadelphia is garbage ……

But the beauty is that Hernangomez’s strength is general, in the NBA to see the water cooler kind. Some shots look like he is very strong, but in reality, the confrontation is not intense, and the pace is not fast. Edwards hit him even did not sweat ……

Very much like basketball, but there are not many good basketball movies, this is okay, if the game of the play can be will be better, can let us over the addiction.

The movie Hernangomez is much more powerful than the actual, he did not play many games this year, the original shooting movie came.

Boban Marjanovic This big tall guy always looks silly, dribbling feels inexplicably funny.

Overall, it’s still a good fast food commercial film.

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