Hustle Review: Passion is more important than talent

This review is not particularly relevant to the plot, I’d rather talk about the feelings it gave me.

Passion has always been the best stimulant, compared to bo’s talent, there are many things on his way to success that can be said to come close to ruining it. Perhaps some people emphasize that talent is the foundation that brought him to the stage, and perhaps some people say that Stanley’s noble help is the key I think both are very important for you to become a pro, then these this film wants to tell us that love is the source of motivation, you can never wake up a pretend sleeper.

In addition, this film also from some low angle, close up to show the professional players, trainers, street ball environment, etc., then the collection or documentary is more interesting, can also see the actors in some stiff performance such as “Seth Curry” “Rivers coach”. To be honest, I think they are a little nervous hahaha

I hope to be sensible to appreciate every player, there are fans there are black people, there are advantages there are flaws, like the protagonist bo, give some time to the stars we love, they will come back, bo is also.

Always keep the love, never take a step back, in those deep unseen years those who have always believed in us they are our strongest oak trees. Go see the movie!

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