Hustle Review: A few moments

Although the plot and lines are relatively modest, and even the most combustible part of the design – "Do you love this game? –I'm not really touched, but there are still a few moments in the film that make me feel like I'm breathing in the sun, the afternoon, the basketball court and carefree, and I feel like I'm back to the age when I first fell in love with playing ball, with the NBA – and when my ideals were still alive and shining. I feel like I'm back to the age when I first fell in love with playing ball and the NBA – and when my ideals were still alive and shining.

The title of the film takes an inspirational route, but it is not the so-called hustle that moves me, because once people touch a lot of reality, it is not so easy to be moved by this "idea" 

The first moment: every basketball boy has a lone hero dream of conquering the street basketball court

Night falls, the streetlights are lit, the court in the park is just ahead

–You are alone, you can't resist your heart.

You want to conquer, you want to applaud, you want to be the lone hero, you want to be the perfectionist in the darkness of the night, in the spotlight

Put the brim of your hat down a little more and step inside

Stand on the court, feel the lights hit you, feel the ball, look around – every cell in your body is already excited!

Fuck everyone, then show your manners, act like you want to, then leave in style

Also, the more you want the girls to call you names, the more you have to look like you don't care.

That kind of night is my stage, is my heroic moment.

Dominating the streets – a young man's dream 

The second moment was when Bo and Stanley left for New York for the joint tryouts. 

The road sign on the highway pointed to New York.

Bo looked out the car window at the towering buildings, and the other rookies in suits, the hustle and bustle of reporters and crowds, the

And a tense but slightly quiet atmosphere

Tomorrow, I will step on the stage of my destiny.

–This scene is what I understand the dream to be like.

Then there was the secret tryout.

Blowing Young, K-6 and the others were dribbling, shooting, showing dunks, talking and joking with each other before the practice started

The rustling of the management on the sidelines.

The relaxed atmosphere after the game started. and the empty arena with no reporters and no spectators.

This is what made me fall in love with basketball in the first place. It was relaxing, enjoyable, and taught me to open up and connect with people.

Gaining happiness, gaining friendships – and most importantly, gaining confidence

The last scene is near the end of the film, Stanley as an assistant coach to follow the old Lee and the coaching staff out of the dark tunnel, to the center of the Wells Fargo Arena, looking around, the heart of infinite feelings.

NBA, is the highest temple of the sport of basketball. To step into it and become a part of it is the dream of every basketball lover's life. 


I was also touched by what Bo's mother said to Bo after the failed joint tryout.

When you play basketball, you can let go of the burdens of life.

In the process of chasing a "dream" – or aspiring for it and doing something about it – one can forget about the pain and anxiety and open up one's mind and body.

And most importantly, you must cherish those who love you and are willing to pay for you.

Learn to love people, love yourself and love others, and that's what basketball teaches us. 

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