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The movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was finally available as a download resource recently, and the enthusiasm of the audience was quickly released within a few days, but the result was not ideal. In just 3 days, its movie rating dropped from the previous 8.7 directly to 7.9, and visually it might drop down a little bit more until this wave of fever passes.

This is a fantasy feature film by an American director about a Chinese family, the director’s previous film “Swiss Army Knife Man” is very fantastical, even odd, about a story between a living person and a corpse, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” also has a very brainy setting, the film was released in North America, the response was dramatic, arousing the interest of many people, everyone wanted to see the real thing, and finally found that perhaps the film is not In the end, I found that perhaps the film is not as they imagined that look.

Frankly speaking, I understand the dislike of many people, when I was watching the film myself, I knew very well that this is a very selective audience of the film, he definitely will not let most people like, the initial high rating is only the film just to the taste of the small part of the audience who can see the film.

I watched the first 20 minutes of the film, the film for the audience to portray an ordinary middle-aged woman in life, played by Michelle Yeoh, she does not stop facing the problems around her flock, cowardly husband, rebellious daughter, critical father, marriage problems, mother-daughter relationship, mid-life crisis, the camera is mostly medium and close-up, simply to the woman’s life all the panic, irritability, out of control and other negative emotions to the audience. In this paragraph, the camera language always seems cramped, and the pace is slow, testing one’s patience, probably many viewers were dissuaded here.

I saw the middle of the movie, into the main story of the film, multiple universes are introduced, each person in other universes may have a completely different life from the present, and people can find a specific action to achieve parallel universe crossing. After the movie enters this part, it’s like a sports car that suddenly picks up speed, the pace is extremely fast, and at the same time in the design of the spectacle action about the universe crossing, adding a lot of cheap bad taste, probably a lot of audience acceptance can not be dissuaded.

Finally, after watching the film, we will find that the multi-universe concept is set up so that the characters in the film have experienced numerous thrills, the film also filled in a lot of gorgeous, fantasy, spoofs of a variety of vines and branches, but the final story landing point is only a common mother-daughter reconciliation such a scene, see here, finally part of the audience can not stand: pants are off, the last to show me this.

Yes, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is such a movie, seemingly the beginning is very ordinary, the end is very unusual, the middle play is very crazy, crazy without boundaries, crazy and fast, very fast-paced, so fast that people can not think, so that people forget that, in addition to those derived from the multi-universe set a lot of bridges, the film has a core theme from beginning to end, the film’s final mother-daughter reconciliation also It is not just a simple American reunion, it has its emotional power from the inside out.

Yes, I love this movie, and I prefer to call it the Taiwanese version of the title “Mom’s Multiverse”, which sounds like cursing, but it fits the movie’s temperament, and the movie is indeed about Mom’s journey through the multiverse. Let’s go back to the story of the movie: there is a girl in the A-universe who falls in love with a man in her youth, and no matter how much her father opposes her, she decides to follow him to immigrate to the U.S. regardless of everything, they get married, have a girl, run a laundry, and decades suddenly become the past, and the girl finally becomes a middle-aged woman caught in the mire of life. After all these years, won’t she regret it? Wouldn’t she want to start over? Wouldn’t she want to get rid of her identity as a so-called wife and mother and experience more possibilities in life? Of course, she would. The so-called multiverse is the B-side of every choice you face in life, the side that you didn’t choose. In other universes, she is a chef, a famous actress, and a big star, and all the worries in the main universe have disappeared. Wouldn’t she want the infinite possibilities of this life?

There is a girl in universe B, she is very smart, a teenager, her mother’s strict control, adolescent sensitivity and rebellion, born against her mother, she has the talent to travel through multiple universes, shuttle in different, wonderful worlds, and thousands of worlds, different from their hearts, living thousands of kinds of life, see thousands of worlds, but each world of their own All have their troubles, for example, in the A universe, she has an ordinary, strong and uncommunicative mother, which makes people unbearable and want to run away. One day, the girl suddenly feels that everything is meaningless. Gradually, the girl becomes fearless inside and outside, plays with life, becomes evil, and goes dark.

From the surface of the movie, it seems that the main story outline is nothing more than an ordinary middle-aged woman in the A-universe chosen by fate to become a hero, but also a strange adolescent girl in the B-universe who goes astray and causes a crisis and is eventually redeemed. But we must not forget that the main character of the story could have become any possible self in any universe, and had the opportunity to experience countless fresh and abundantly beautiful lives, a life completely different from the kind of mediocre life she was living. But she gave up, she chose to save her “daughter”, chose to stay, with the people around her, and chose to keep the people she had lost. So, behind the final reconciliation of mother and daughter in the movie, it is like walking through ten thousand roads, seeing all the scenery in the world, experiencing all the possibilities of life, and realizing the ultimate meaning of life is meaningless, before truly understanding that love is the most important choice, love is also the answer to live.

I like the multiverse setting of the movie, it is dazzling and full of bad taste, but what makes it most different from any other movie involving parallel universes and multiverse concepts is that the portrayal of the multiverse in “Mom’s Multiverse” is never disorganized and not just for the sake of showing off, it is more like an “improv comedy It is more like an “improv comedy” in which the same emotions are superimposed and told in small sections of the story, and the emotions are constantly superimposed and summed up, eventually bringing out the deep and fascinating expression of “love” in the core.

Of course, even if not from the film to refine the kernel of the expression of “love”, “Mom’s Multiverse” from the comedy bridge or fan film complex, I personally love, Michelle Yeoh’s husband both from the face or fight scene body, it is difficult not to remind people of Jackie Chan’s vaudeville action films, through the time of a variety of strange action and The bridge is a Chow Sing Chi style shit nonsense comedy, and the film’s “actress” trying to win back the “husband” scene, is incomparable Wang Jiawei. I can’t say that I like any aspect of this film, but there are many passages in the film that are so whimsical that I did not expect them, and I was pleasantly surprised. This is a truly free film, every minute of every day does not reflect the freedom of expression of the creators, the freedom of fun.

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