I will still meet you again

Love is that no matter how the universe changes time backward I will still meet you again

After watching the whole Everything Everywhere All at Once, in fact, the scene that struck me the most shocking, was not parallel universe crossing, not Chinese kung fu, not even the two fake ** held in the hands of the villain, but their two stones in the universe of five people, calm and peaceful patience vast paragraph of the dialogue. Reminds me of a small story that I used to watch to make people feel love and warmth.

The two boulders on the mountain have existed together for tens of thousands of years, occasionally fighting and occasionally chatting. One day one of the boulders absorbed the essence of the sun and moon, and became a stone spirit that can turn into any shape, he was so excited that he ran wildly on the mountain for a while, and then returned to the other boulder: “Although curious about the outside world, but I can not leave you ah. “Another big stone stood up and laughed: “Let’s go! I’ve been waiting for you for hundreds of years!”]

When I was young, I read this story and was moved by this kind of silent love, but now that I’m older, I read this story again and am moved by the uniqueness and specialness of choosing you, no matter how time spans, how the universe and the earth change, I choose you and only choose you firmly.

The core of the multiverse is that any different choice of anyone in the past will lead to different results and produce different parallel universes. So there are countless parallel universes and futures, just like the hypothetical phrase “If only I hadn’t…but…” that the Chinese usually say, she is talking about the vision of another parallel universe, which is not possible with the current technology. This situation cannot be realized under the current technology, but it is realized in the movie. The heroine saves herself and her family by linking her different abilities in different parallel universes, but this is not the core of what the director wants to say, but the director seems to me to tell his philosophical concept in a showy way.

[If the past could be rewritten if the future could be compiled, what would you choose? and [Everything is nothing, or everything has meaning? and [Since we will eventually die and disappear, is it necessary for us to make efforts now?

As I said before when I was comforting others.

The universe began with the Big Bang 15 billion years ago, countless dust aggregation into 20,000 galaxies, the galaxy after tens of billions of years of the formation of these 300 billion stars, countless coincidences generated our sun. The Earth was created 4.6 billion years ago by countless coincidences; 4 billion years ago when the temperature of seawater dropped, creatures were created; mammals appeared in the late Jurassic period; monkeys appeared 65 million years ago; the earliest apes appeared 1.8 million years ago; the 5,000 years of birth and death of the Chinese nation gathered and dispersed the cause and effect to make this universe have you in one chance in a billion billion billion billion.

It took the special nature of your parents’ education, life, learning, and countless right and wrong decisions from their childhood, starting with their separate formation of fertilized eggs, to finally be able to meet on that one day decades ago, to create the spark of love that gave birth to you. Since you were born, every day, every second, every thought, every wrong thing you did, every person you loved, every idea you had, even the process of lying flat and emptying yourself, are all indispensable, are all essential to form the unique person you are sitting in front of me, missing any second, are not you, are strangers in a parallel universe.

How can you still say that you are ordinary, ordinary, troublesome, have too many complaints about yourself, or are full of negative energy, feel that efforts are useless, life is meaningless no one loves it?

Maybe this is not what you want to hear from my mouth, but I still want to say: I love you, like you, think you are good, thank you for our meeting, thank you for every second before I had the opportunity to meet you if I could go back in time, what choice would I make?

I would not choose a richer life, a pampered life, a life with perfect love, or a life with no regrets or losses. I would still choose to walk the path I’ve taken, do the things I’ve done, and re-experience every second of my life because I chose to want to meet you again, and every second before that is not to be missed. This is the strong inner belief that I love myself, love you, and love life.

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