Why I don’t like Everything Everywhere All at Once

I stumbled upon an interview with Michelle Yeoh where she talked about the script setting up the superhero as an ordinary immigrant woman who is aging, an ordinary immigrant woman who walks briskly through Chinatown without attracting any attention.

So I went and bought the tickets. Two days before the movie, a good friend said she saw Everything everywhere all at once and cried three tons of tears, once again raising my expectations. So much so that when the movie came to an end, I thought to myself, what the hell is this?

After more than two hours of padding, the problem is finally found in Evelyn: too tightly wound, and does not understand the meaning of love and empathy. What saved her, in the end, was her husband, because he affirmed the meaning of Evelyn, who had the most miserable life in all the universe: If I had to choose again, I would still be willing to open laundry with you and file taxes together. So Evelyn had an epiphany, and as soon as her attitude changed, all problems were solved.

The Evelyns sitting in the dark cinema were relieved: I had unlimited potential but chose to give it up for you, I am so great. Although my husband is useless, my children are rebellious, I have a family, after all, and the sacrifice is meaningful. The Joys sitting in the dark cinema were wiping tears from their eyes, either in despair because they would never be able to reconcile with their mothers, or in guilt for confirming that they were the culprits in causing their mothers’ lives to fail. The Raymonds sitting in the dark cinema, on the other hand, understand for a moment how difficult it is for their wives, and finally become more convinced that all the unhappiness in their family life is caused by her attitude.

If a movie can perfectly avoid all the structural dilemmas of women, of course, it can jump straight to the happy ending. And because it avoids all the structural dilemmas of women, the happy ending can only happen on the screen. In real life, Evelyn comes home after watching the movie, wipes away her tears, cleans up the kitchen that she didn’t have time to clean before leaving home, and then has to dry the laundry that was already done in the washing machine because it will stink if she doesn’t dry it. At 1 a.m., she was finally able to go to bed, while her husband had been snoring next to her for an hour. When she got up the next day, dozens of invoices for tax returns were lying motionless on the table, and Waymond and Joy were lying on the couch watching TV and playing on their phones while waiting for her to make breakfast. She felt exhausted, but couldn’t show it because the sacrifice was the only meaning of her bleak life. And sacrifice is not enough, she has to sacrifice easily and happily.

But is she sacrificing for others? Did she not choose to get married, have children, and choose not get divorced to get a beautiful life in the classic female script? Is she not choosing to give up her possible career and other possibilities in life because these paths are full of unknown risks that she needs to take alone, and choosing instead the pain of family, a pain that is predictable and will be shared by the whole family?

The main character Evelyn must not be the most miserable Evelyn, because Evelyn’s greatest fear is neither to achieve any career nor their own family, every day by three aunts and six grandmothers to point out, to introduce her to the next neighborhood security guard as a husband. But where there is marriage and children, there is a reason for failure in life, and someone else needs to take responsibility for it. So I often feel that people don’t love freedom as much as they think they do, because freedom always means risk and responsibility, but never guarantees that we will get the results we want.

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