One Moment is Forever

Everything Everywhere All at Once is Forever is the best movie I've seen so far, because all my accumulated life confusion and problems so far seem to be in it, my depression, my confusion, my confusion and overwhelm, choices and regrets, stagnation and moving forward.

At a time when I really needed someone to tell me that you can actually have other choices, do this don't be afraid, after time and knowing the meaninglessness of it all, and thoroughly accepting that my existence, everything about myself, my whole life will come to nothing, is meaningless, I have no bagels to end everything, I am left with only some people who are still willing to be with me, maybe they will tell me that even if I start over If there is an afterlife, I will still choose to be with you. That's enough, the world we live in is nothing but a probability, a word I just heard from the mouth of the person I was begging for, and she told me that the odds are that it won't be, and in the moment I was thinking in my mind, so there is still a probability, even if it's small, that there will be a universe where I didn't wimp out for so long and didn't miss you, or a universe where you used that very small probability to walk towards me again and gave me the eye, the The happiness that I was so desperate for at the moment, even if it took a few years for us to separate because of the trivialities of life, and at that time I began to regret my chase today. Because as long as long enough, good things and bad things are no longer different.

Every choice is a bifurcation, without the possibility of jumps and hypotheticals. I even went back to the place where the whole thing started again by chance, and I felt time, that eternal power of change; I felt fate pushing me forward, as if it was in the dark to tell me the answer.

"If you change, you won't go back."

"I understand that you are a defiant person, and how am I not, it's just that we handle it differently.

The second half cried madness, turned to stone paragraph is God, pull the progress bar to go back and watch it three times over and over again. "I've been stuck like this for a long time", I can't concentrate on staying on one of the roads, I just repeatedly envisioned, trying to find the best for me, all happy with that life, and eventually only left an infinite number of contradictions and confusion, a broken fragment of life. And this so-called best, the so-called right finally dragged me down.

The movie is not discussing mother-daughter conflict, whether to accept the daughter's sexual orientation or whatever. Rather, in using enough length of time, and selective width to infinitely broaden the vision, long-term broad view of all that has happened, you will understand that nothing is really important, no pain or mediocrity can crush us in a moment. After accepting the meaninglessness of it all, is the choice to walk into a bagel to end it all, or choose to go through, go on, focus on this fork in the road right now, and then accept your own mediocrity, the regrets in your life, the happiness, joy, and love of whoever has happened. Most importantly, don't give up on yourself, don't abandon yourself.

One moment is forever. Thank you for this movie.

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