The three linking rules of the transient universe

The three linking rules of the Everything Everywhere All at Once

Underneath the pie-in-the-sky and all kinds of extremely bad taste, there is a hidden thread that links them, which is why emotions keep rising and ascending.

Nowadays, many young people are interested in various schools of mind and body, but too many of them are obsessed with finding out the problems, so they take the right number, and as a result, the more they learn, the more they feel that there are too many patients in the world, as if there are not many physically and mentally healthy people.

If you think about it this way, you are only learning at the intellectual level, the energy level is not elevated.

In the first stage of the movie, all the drama revolves around “worry and fear”. A noisy mother who can’t stop talking, she thinks she is sacrificing for everyone, but her children and husband, but they can’t feel the love.

Because she is always linked with worry. Worried about her husband, so she can only see his confusion and goosebumps. Worry about the children, so only the children’s fat, rebellious, and sexual orientation are in the eyes.

It’s a very traditional value for Chinese parents to feel that they need to always be there to find out what’s wrong with their children, lest they not know they’re not good enough. This belief comes from the fact that – other people don’t know your flaws as I do, they compliment you perfunctorily, only I love you and always want you to be better.

And this is common for people with low energy, forever worrying about what’s wrong, so they keep attracting more problems. While believing that solving problems is the value, they are trapped in them, unable to move, building their cages.

No matter what suggestions people around them make, they will be blocked back because they can only see the trouble in front of them, they have no choice.

In this state, the common choice of coping mode is to complain, not believe.

Saving the world is no more important than the immediate tax problem.

When does the transformation begin?

When she first linked to that dimension of a martial arts actress, she was amazed by herself.

It turned out that I would have lived such a wonderful life if I hadn’t gone with him in the first place, and that became the first light of her breakthrough.

The power came back to this woman and she began to believe that “I have a choice”.

When people grow up, get rid of their fears, and feel part of their ability to be proven, they usually move to another level of energy – control.

Control is often rationalized because one feels that it is about being responsible, that it is achieving a goal.

Mothers at this stage do begin to take the initiative to solve problems, to do everything they can to clear the obstacles, and so begin to tap into giving a dimension of themselves.

This is also the stage where the director’s skyrocketing points are concentrated.

She saw all different latitudes of herself, in addition to the kung fu star, there is also the self who is a chef, the self who sells pizza, and the self who has sausage hands, each has its way of solving problems.

The courage to solve problems can quickly expand the skills of people, she burst out as a mother’s protective desire and decided to save her daughter and husband.

But this move to start, in fact, with the fear level of the mother, the motivation is the same. That is, the husband is very wimpy, the daughter is controlled by the devil, and neither can be relied on, only on themselves.

The ability level is elevated, but the energy level is still lacking, so after the information surge, it starts to get out of control.

As long as you want to control it, it is bound to get out of control.

The result of the loss of control is to break the can, take a baseball bat miscellaneous shatter the laundry window that binds them, and everything becomes indifferent.

You love to toss and turn how to toss.

Daughter at this point in the face of out-of-control chaos bent on going back to the space of 0, sucking everything away and seeking peace.

But, after breaking the wall, the second transformation highlight came when her husband, who usually has no presence, actually took care of the tax officer.

As she sat outside the laundromat, she felt the harshness of the tax officer, from the hurt of abandonment, and became obsessed with proving herself at work.

She made a gesture and hugged the other side.

At this moment, she came out of the cage of “victim”.

She was also out of the laundromat that had trapped her life.

She was no longer obsessed with being a victim of her family of origin, no longer believing that she was the worst, most miserable person in the world.

Because she linked to the not-so-easy for everyone.

At this point, the kung fu star in that dimension, the husband in the suit, appeared at the right time, and the highlight moment said: I just have a different way than you. But I never regret choosing you. If I had to do it again, I would still live with you in this laundromat.

The opposite of love does not hate, but trauma.

The way each person chooses to love stems from what kind of trauma they have experienced. The more they love each other, the more they want the other person to avoid experiencing the same pain as they did.

By the same token, of course, the more they hate each other, the more they will let each other taste the same pain they feel in their hearts.

Dad’s love is demeaning and controlling.

The husband’s love is to please and tolerate.

The daughter’s love is to rebel and leave.

Mom’s love is hard work and nagging.

They all think that this way is what is good for you.

If we can’t understand others’ behavior on their level, we can’t understand it, and we will think that others are sick, crazy, and incomprehensible.

As the saying goes, all others are hell.

But oneself, isn’t it one’s prison?

A friend once asked why Hawkins’ energy level, the energy of love is higher than wisdom and calmness.

Because most people would think that wisdom is a very high goal to be a human being.

Here’s how I answered her.

Because it is still right and wrong in wisdom, there is advanced and it is backward, it is wise and it is unwise.

Love, on the other hand, is integration, it is the possibility of accepting everything more fully, it is no longer in the realm of right and wrong.

Love does not ask whether it is right or wrong, whether it is worthy or not, whether it is wise or not. Those who are in love will believe that in love, everything will naturally move towards the beauty of humanity.

Love does not love.

It is an integrated dimension to the self, to the world.

Without love, it creates a split in the ego. You become obsessed with one dimension of yourself and hate some other dimension of yourself. And so, there is a desire to eliminate certain selves.

Putting it in a relationship means obsessing about transforming others and eliminating what you don’t like in them.

Love, then, goes into acceptance, and integration. Even the parts that you don’t like may be valuable in some dimension.

Obesity, for example, usually stems from, among other things, a strong desire to protect the self. Appetite is what protects us from falling into emptiness and meaninglessness. Especially when you have little to no experience of happiness with other things.

In love, there will be no complaining, transforming, controlling, or annihilating.

In love, there is no war, there is only transformation.

Love, which is meltable, is merged into one.

We are all part of the universe. One glory. One loss, one loss.

Like the cells of your body, they are all part of the universe that you are.

In this last part, the heroine, who wants to send everything flying, is no longer obsessed with linking herself to the kung fu superstar.

Before she thought that the high self, linked to confidence, the link can not fall into a sense of powerlessness.

But now, she doesn’t need kung fu, she just needs to let people be awakened and return to the level of love, they will naturally let go of confrontation.

And the highest level of love is that no longer do any control.

If you want to roll down the hill, then roll.

If you want to make it all go away, then go ahead.

We can’t help anyone make any decisions because no one knows, at the moment, which choice is the right one.

After countless bifurcations, when time is stretched long enough, no one knows, whether the choice is right or wrong.

At that moment, in the beginning, she followed him and left home because she thought at the time that that was the best choice for her.

Not the right choice, not because it was the wrong choice, but because she did not have the energy to face life, she had to rely on a person.

Did not leave, not because it was the right choice, but because the one she chose not to leave, has the energy to take responsibility for herself.

In the end, is the real level solved in this space? No.

The world hasn’t changed, only the people have changed.

When you change, everything changes.


In reality, many people persist in asking, I have changed, why my parents haven’t changed, why my husband hasn’t changed, and why my children haven’t changed.

That’s because you are still waiting for your parents, your husband, and your children to take responsibility for the misfortune and pain in your life.

Any time you are unhappy, you can put it on their heads that they are the ones who are unwilling to change, and that’s why you can’t be happy.

At any time, believe in the saying.

In your world, there is no savior. The one thing that can save you is you.

Dad is not a savior, neither is your husband, and your children are even less so.

You can see who you are and know that in this life they are all here to lead you.

Then you will get the answers that you have in this life, exclusively for you.

You will also be able to see that they all love you in their way, even though you don’t like it and you don’t accept it, but in their perception, that is indeed love.

The more you complain, the more you ask for, and the more wrong love you will get.

And what you can do is end this one rule of the game.

Tell them that now, the rules have changed.

Thanks, I already know, how to love myself.

Please let’s take back our worries, fears, and control from each other.

Even though we know we have to witness each other suffer, we are willing to bottom out the suffering and give deeper dimensions of trust and blessing.

In this way, we are truly in love.

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