Evelyn’s path to awakening

Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews: Evelyn’s path to awakening!

Step 1: Blackout 

Evelyn in the main universe is a loser, can not do anything, repairing the washing machine, tax returns, taking care of his sick father, dislikes her husband incompetent, critical of her daughter, and is the epitome of thousands of ordinary middle-aged women. This character is especially similar to our parent’s generation, who cannot love because they have never been loved, nor have they ever loved themselves.

A life of complaining is a fragile one.

When she can see herself in other parallel universes, so successful and happy away from her husband, she begins to complain about her current life, about why she married someone else. And complaining about her life, so that she is defeated, not a match for anyone. In the struggle with her daughter, the villain, her husband could only die for her countless times.

[everything bagel] What’s this?

The daughter, not being loved by her mother, decided to banish herself into the abyss of darkness. I’m sure many teenagers have gone through that dark period, hating themselves, hating the world, getting tattoos, smoking, drinking, making a mess of themselves, no one loves them anyway, so what do I have left of the world? I don’t give a fuck to anybody anything.

The daughter also tries to make her mother disappear into this void, and at first, she succeeds, Evelyn enjoys her first taste of rebellion, being a bad “girl” for once, trashing the store, and she does seem more herself. Like the fancy dress daughter, this is a blackened version of her, which is not the ultimate answer.

Step 2: Love Yourself

The only person who can love in this movie is Evelyn’s husband. Evelyn’s husband is the only one who can love.

Evelyn thinks she is capable, her husband is a poor loser, and without her simply can not survive. But with the development of the plot of the usual time and space, Evelyn increasingly found that the real rescue is always her husband. In every parallel universe, even the sausage hand universe, Evelyn is deeply loved by others.

Although her husband is an unproductive person in Evelyn’s eyes, he saves Evelyn’s life at the moment when she is almost arrested by the police. Evelyn has an epiphany, realizing that her husband is not useless, she discovers that ordinary love is so powerful, and she learns to cherish the love of her life. She learns to cherish the love of her life. She is also freed from her father’s bondage and begins to have her personality.

Step 3: Loving her daughter

Evelyn’s daughter is a Lesbian. As an American mother, Evelyn has no right to interfere with her children’s right to choose a spouse. Evelyn already felt she was open enough to compromise. But like most gay parents, she did not interfere, but did not show more importance to her child’s same-sex partner, and did not even bother to pretend to be polite. In the end, in front of her daughter’s grandfather, trying to conceal her daughter’s Les identity, she revealed her disapproval of her daughter’s Les identity. At the end of the day, in the name of concern, she also told her daughter to eat less and grow too fat. How many children grow up with their parents’ criticism, never getting the basic approval? No wonder the daughter wants to run away from the family and wants to exile herself because this home is too depressing. A sick grandfather, a frazzled mother, and an unproductive father.

And when did Evelyn begin to love her daughter?

The first time was when she kidnapped her daughter and realized she couldn’t hurt her daughter, even if she wanted to kill her.

The second time was when she had an epiphany and became an independent person, she intended to help her daughter get out of that void and dark bagel. But the two independent spirits are not the same, Evelyn has not yet come out of the desire to control her daughter.

The third time is when she realizes that one day she will have to let go and let her daughter make her own life choices is also a kind of love.

The fourth time, she finally realized that she had done so many things to hurt her daughter that she decided to love her daughter unconditionally.

Step 4: Big Love

After Evelyn’s epiphany, she not only can love herself, but she can also love her husband, love her daughter, and even love the world, love people who don’t love her and love people who try to hurt her. She has become almost omnipotent. At this point, she also became the strongest version of herself in all parallel universes.

So the movie tells us, that no matter how much you fail in life, if you can love, then you are the most powerful version of yourself in all parallel universes. And the parallel universe of you, with the present you, the future you, is closely linked. You can save all the universes of yourself at this moment. And that dark abyss, the so-called powerful, looks very tempting, but we all need to be on guard.

Come on, become the strongest version of yourself in this universe!

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