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Although the audience of this film is more children, but I was fortunate to watch this film by DreamWorks with children, as a laughable comedy, such an animated film genre, its sound and animation effects part will be an important part of driving the whole film, but what impressed me most is the plot characteristics of this film.

Even if the script is slightly corny, but as a film whose audience is mostly children, it is difficult for children to understand the too complicated transformation and novel value concept, although in many cases, children are only attracted by the cute and playful images of the animated characters, but the cultural ideas in it are actually influencing children's awareness in a subtle way.

Why did the bad wolf save the snake? Why does the "good guy" guinea pig look so scary behind him? As we all know, the big bad wolf, greedy snake, beautiful belly shark and piranha are all scary-looking and aggressive animals, which are always feared and disliked by people. But when they are involved in a worse plan and forced to carry out "good guy education", they pretend to accept and try to escape to gradually repent and take the initiative to save the world, but also to break the external environment of the world has been "bad" recognition of them, as the saying goes "My life is up to me, not up to heaven", and do not judge people by their appearance, even if the appearance is not pleasing to the eye is not necessarily a bad person, and those who seem to be "good" reputation of the so-called "good people" labeled "In the end, they are the biggest and most sinister and insatiable bad guys, so it is somewhat similar to some of the thematic ideas of Animal City.

The film is interspersed with the bad guys so-called righteous friendship education, many times we will be because of the change in values and the good partners of the past parted ways, but there are times when the power of friendship can finally break this perception barrier, understanding and tolerance, good understanding and love will break the cold barrier between friendship, the same this educational concept, so that "bad guys "Friendship between the children in the loose rhythm of the story, in the laughter of the characters in the action gradually feel and learn.

Furthermore, the film also has other places that can move people, animation effects, upbeat rhythm, relaxing and pleasant, the effect of comedy to achieve, interlocking tension and excitement of the music is to laugh at the whole scene, although the consistent linear narrative structure, but combined with the reversal again and again is to promote the development of the storyline and shape the rich characters, this dish of narrative means fascinating, but for the cartoon is the inertia of the concept of children watching again and again, whether to create a broader audience of animated film works, I think this is an innovative direction for the development of animated films. 

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Free Download Of The Bad Guys (2022)

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