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Synopsis of Hustle (2022) 

An unlucky basketball scout (Adam Sandler) finds a rare talent abroad, however, the opponent has a checkered past. Without the team's consent, he takes it upon himself to bring this talent back to the United States.

Against all odds, they have only one chance to prove they have what it takes to make it to the NBA...... 

Movie Hustle (2022) 

 Director: Jeremy Saga 

Screenplay: Tyler Mattern / Will Fatters

Starring: Adam Sandler / Juancho Hernangomez / Robert Duvall / Quinn Latifah / Ben Foster / More... 

Genre: Drama / Comedy / Sports 

Producer Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-06-08(USA Network) 

Running Time: 117 minutes 

Also known as: The Basketball (Hong Kong) / The Flying Ball / Into the NBA 

IMDb: tt8009428 

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Hustle Review: Very real sports film

After watching it on a feeling very real. The first is the cast. The producer is LeBron and partner Maverick Carter, has a lot of contacts, invited a lot of coaches pl...

Hustle Review: Passion is more important than talent

Actually, this review is not particularly relevant to the plot, I'd rather talk about the feelings it gave me.

Hustle Review: A few moments

Although the plot and lines are relatively modest, and even the most combustible part of the design - "Do you love this game? --I'm not really touched, but there are st...


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