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Synopsis of Die Wannseekonferenz (2022) 

At the Wannseekonferenz on January 20, 1942, senior Nazi officials met to decide how best to carry out the genocide of European Jews.

Movie Die Wannseekonferenz (2022) 

Director: Marty Gershoneck 

Screenplay: Magnus Vattrodt / Paul Mommertz 

Starring: Philipp Hochmayer / Johannes Emaia / Maximilian Bruckner / Matthias Bundschuh / Fabian Busch / Jacob Dill / Lilli Fichtner / Goldhald Gieser / Peter Jordan / Arnold Clavitt / Frederik Linkmann / Thomas Leubl / Sasha Nadan / Markus Schleizer / Frederik Schmid / Simon Schwartz / Rafael Stahovyak / Matthias Brandt

Genre: Drama / History / War 

Producer Country: Germany 

Language: German 

Release Date: 2022-01-18(Germany) 

Running Time: 108 minutes 

Also known as: The Conference 

IMDb: tt14321668 

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There are 3 comments
  1. jams jams

    I have no detailed knowledge of what happened to the Nazi war criminals, and I would like to ask if these people got the punishment they deserved in the end.

  2. mari mari

    Curious as to why Jews were slaughtered throughout history?

  3. Lee Lee

    No matter how evil the plan is, it can be discussed with a crown. This is particularly educational for our times.

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The German World War II film "Die Wannseekonferenz" based on real history, is a script based on the minutes of a meeting reflecting the February 20, 1942, meeting of s...

Die Wannseekonferenz Review: Creepy

The Die Wannseekonferenz was a creepy thing to watch. The story is not complicated, in 1943 Nazi Germany held a high-level meeting to discuss how to exterminate the Jews.

How professional and efficient atrocities are conceived

On February 20, 1942, the senior officers of the German Nazis held a meeting at a private villa outside of Berlin. The meeting was hosted by SS chief Heinrich, and there were 14...

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The spring of 1942 was the end of the 11 million Jews in Europe, and the Nazi ethnic cleansing began not with the Wannsee Conference, but with it.


layla: Great, I'm a big fan of yours. C...

Lee: No matter how evil the plan is, ...

larf: Who is watching this movie?

mari: Curious as to why Jews were slau...

jams: I have no detailed knowledge of ...